Lower Abyssal tiers rebalance for newbros - lower income community

I suggest a rebalance of lower tier Abyss so could be run also by T1, T2 frigates with some success.

There’s many ways to improve the experience:
Main lower tiers are T0 through T4, with T4 being actually much closer to T5 than T3.

Nerf the Triglavians , slow the Spool Up, lower dmg.
In lower tiers their overpower really breaks the balance for lots of otherwise viable hulls.
Restricting market and experimentation, with only Gila being the obvious choice for
as many as think of Abyss as only a Farming income activity.

Reduce the Farming activity and augment the Market expressions making more hulls viable for
completion. Maybe try to make some Abyss rooms even more difficult , similar to Burners Supercarrier mission. Spreading unpredictability but not overpower a few clades only.

Stimulate the Abyssal runners to engage in active organization for fleet formations, with special events completely dedicated to Abyssal content, maybe with some good fleet comms .

I would really love if any at CSM would endorse this, without losing sight to
the particuar challenge the Abyss content may bring one sided to big coalitions
that could isolate even more, or find exploits to ruin other ppl game, without exposing themselves to pvp because of their dimensions, becoming even more stringer… so careful to not explode
the Abyss in all directions indefinitely, but focus on attraction for all kinds of capsuleers.

Tchussy. I will vote one or more with this alignment scope.

I propose a rebalance of abyssals making them harder and more difficult, with opportunities for PvP combat inside the abyssal site.


Abyssals remove people from space, and they’re already one of the most lucrative forms of isk generation in the game right now. I can’t endorse anything that would increase their usage, because I think that, given the current number of people in space, they are having a negative impact on the game as it stands right now.


Brisc, the Triglavians are doing full Dmg, no Spool UP in the Abyss, the mechanics are broke, I filed a Bug report. We only asks to review the current policies to not allow such extremes…

You started by asking for a rebalance of lower tier Abyssals so that they can be run by more ship types. That’s an expansion, isn’t it? Then you started talking about "special events for AByssa content, " etc. Again, abyssals remove people from space and that’s the last thing we can afford to do right now when space is so empty.

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Yeah yeah, thats called politics… a bunch of lies… under all the lies there’s the truth…
A Politician acumen is measured in how well they tell lies…

This is not how you’re going to convince me to help you, dude.

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Abyss was great at launch, if it had an effect on how many people joined Eve or left I cant tell
One could well scrap the Abyss altogether and point to a new direction if that is good for Eve…
I cant make up your mind on what is good or bad… Do as you feel…

Abyssals are popular, and I do not want them removed from the game. While I am concerned with instanced gameplay, there are too many folks who enjoy them to take them away.

But we don’t need to do anything to expand their popularity, and they appear to be in a good place in terms of balance, given how much isk is being generated by them.

My stance is simply this - status quo.


Also was Incursion, when Abyss came by… maybe its time for something new???
You are totally right in your thinking…

Why is it that every post about abyssals lately is the same guy complaining about the same trigs that killed him?

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Well if Eve numbers are so low that it’s always the same guy complaining about a Core Eve feature, with a bugged mechanism, perhaps… perhaps its Eve low numbers the problem… don’t you think???

I think the problem is that you make many threads complaining about the same thing that nobody else thinks is a problem.

If you want to survive the abyss, fit better and fly better.

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Abyssals are fine as they are at the moment. No need for any nerfs or buffs to them. A long time ago, ppl complained about OP Marshal rooms, but that got fixed by letting them spawn with no shields, plus the surgical strike revert was also an indirect buff to the abyss.

Trig ships are fine, no need to nerf their spool up. Also, the trig NPC’s spool significantly slower than player flown Trig ships. The Kikis only spool 2% per cycle, the Vedmak 4% and the Dreks even only 1%.

There was a doctor who event which took place inside abyssal space, and I must admit, it wasnt a good one.

Tier 0-2 abyssal sites can be solorun in cheap T2 frigs already, and Frig abyss is meant to be run in groups of 3 ships (or multiboxed)


Spool Up seems fine, but I got 140/160 Dmg in the first seconds of the fights with kiki with an 80% armors profile vedmak, that is 250 DPS… and the history repeated… with many others ships I tested, the initial Spool Up DMG vs calculated DPS always exceeded what he base Dmg for the kikis, tangling or striking could be in reality, or 200DPS. All the hits I took suggests the initial DPS is something like 250 DPS…

First I assumed the Spool Up was broke, but after many other investigations, it seems the Spool Up is OK as to 2%, what does not compute, is the Base dps…

I know with T2 hulls in general those sites are generally easy, but not for T1’s and Alphas, actually they are darn near impossible… I can’t even talk about risk vs rewards otherwise I get blasted to Oblivion…
but hey, cool, I’m the bad guy you know…

Glad you are taking an interest to this topic Brisc.
Lets kill 2 birds with 1 stone then:

Requested changes:
Abyss is no longer instanced when you first press the filament you teleport across the universe to a random system you are still inside a bubble that will kill you if you try to leave at least for the first 50km’s so like a bubble with a 50km thickness of pain.

If you clear the room and take the abyss gate you teleport across the universe again to a random system with another bubble and this happens for all 3 rooms. Any player on the outside will see the abyss “instance” appear on the overview and can warp inside it but once inside cannot leave (same ship restrictions as player otherwise they just land on the outside of the bubble and cannot target anything inside). The random aspect also prevents someone from rigging the system by warping an alt inside and that alt is not going to burn 50 jumps first as they will run out of time :smiley:

This sorts out the instanced game play removing players from space where they are unreachable.
Any danger this presents will be reflected in the price of the goods and will be auto balancing since it is the only place with these goods in the game.

Players will probably just run in cheaper fit’s in a lower tier with a bit more pvp and probably same or more pay because of all the loot increasing in price. As a side effect the pvp aspect will balance the hyper end game where someone has abyssaled officer tier gear and litterally can run t6 and win 100% of the time every time and just milk the system for all the best loot and drive down the prices. (realistically maybe there is only 2 people in this situation on the entire server.)

Difficulty changes inside abyss pve: (to broaden the ship spectrum and fun aspect of experimentation)
T 1-3
Max 1 vedmak or kiki per spawn (increase ship spectrum to e-war ships)
Max 2 Neuting ships per spawn (increase ship spectrum to heavy cap reliant brawlers)
Max 1 high hp battleship per 3 spawn sequence. (increase ship spectrum to lower dps ships.)

So as a side thing this will shake the meta completely so people will have fun discovering everything again.

O last thing If someone on the outside see’s the abyssal instance on the overview they should not be able to see what type or tier it is they will have to jump in blind. The person inside is not going to be prepared for the type of ship that the person on the outside can bring so the person on the outside should not be able to predict what ship is inside :stuck_out_tongue: so they cannot appear on d-scan either if they are inside of the abyssal instance :smiley: I think this will be a good change for ess as well having d-scan immunity :smiley: but thats a discussion for another time.

Sorry for the wall of text Brisc.

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