Who and When voted for Trigl NPC full spool up in 10 sec?

No… but we also have CCP official Aura fittings for Abyss… so… it’s certainly fun…

[Tristan, Abyssal Tier 1 Electrical]
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier

Small Clarity Ward Enduring Shield Booster
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

250mm Light ‘Scout’ Artillery I
250mm Light ‘Scout’ Artillery I

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Acolyte I x8

EMP S x640

That fit is meant for 3 of them

It was already said…

When dealing with the Kiki spawn you want to stay ~30km away from the Kiki’s this prevents them from hitting you

Kiki Bursts at 2200m/s… Not so easy without an MWD…
Disruptors might work… we’ll see…

Added a proposal at CSM Park Hall
for discussing Abyss rebelance
and search for a candidate that could help or be representative of my voice, and that of whom are in favour of some changes.

Lower Abyssal tiers rebalance for newbros - lower income community - Council Of Stellar Management / Assembly Hall - EVE Online Forums

OMG is he still crying about this :tired_face:


I mean he has a point basically the way the trig’s behave there is only 3 way’s to deal with them:

1: Get under their gun’s, this only works for 1 ship that you are webbing down or ewaring the others will dictate range but this will be fine if for lower tiers where there is only 1 dominant ship.

2: Tank them, its possible (with good sig tank or a lot of bling to face tank) but you have to specialize your ship towards tanking trig which leaves you open mostly to drones/sansha who deal a lot of em, kinetic is a none factor really. Actually I wonder if OP knows this and is tanking mostly to Therm/Exp and a lil em or is just doing overall avg resists, it might be a big reason he is having this much trouble. (I wonder if new players in general understand this?)

3: Out range them, besides the damavik who travels 3200 I think it is its pretty easy to kite trigs with a mwd and sansha aswell tbh but they deal em so if you specialize in tanking trig sansha wave is going to hurt a bit.

So this limit’s the fit’s quite a bit if you wanted to change the trig’s so that they don’t effect the higher tiers too badly all you have to do is change the spawns so there is only 1 big trig damage dealer (only 1 kiki or 1 vedmak, the leshaks are ez to deal with) at a time in t3 and below with more smaller entities this allows you to get under its gun’s or use some type of e-war module on that 1 big entity and will open up a lot more ships to being able to run the lower teir’s solo (t1 to t3).

Another change that will open up a lot more ship viability is limiting the number of neut ships in a single spawn to maybe 2 in t3 and below, if you get a 4 damavik spawn that neut’s every single brawler will be dead pretty much almost and would limit brawlers to capless tank and guns limiting the ship viability pool a lot.

The last change is about time, since the biggest problem about ship viability is damage the only way to open up more ships that dont have the best damage is to limit the amount of bs main spawns to only 1 out of 3runs so you dont get a double drone bs spawn that both takes 5 minutes on the best dps frig and7 to 8 minutes on an avg damage frig.

8 minutes x 2 leaves you with 4 minutes for the last room which is crazy. (but I think you need under 160 dps or something to take 8 minutes which a lot of kiting ships have unfortunately.)

The last comment is if people are playing with 3 frig’s it would be safe to assume that if they want to make proper isk they will be running tier’s 4 through 6 so I would say customizing tiers 1 through 3 for solo and 4 through 6 for group content seems logical and would not break the abyss to a point of being abused.

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Would you be able to tell me the avg resist profiles of your ships that you try please I’m very curious?

For me its:


Em: 58
Therm: 84
Kin: 76
Exp: 60


EM: 35
Therm: 80
Kin: 70
Exp: 50

OOPS, It was me, I voted for it, it was the 13th May @ 14:23

I’d had a few beers and moved in to vodka shots and thought it would be a good idea.
Next thing horror Trig spawns are all over the Abyss. Lucky I don’t actually go to the Abyss.

Now the question has been answered, can we bury this thread, its really going nowhere




Trigs deal mainly exp then therm might be worth sacrificing a rig slot or something for exp.

Absolutely. You are one of a kind.
I’m in Alpha now, will be back in a while to see if there has been evolvement.
It’s funny how many critics at earth attacks others people views from a psychological perspective,
using words such as cry, whine, etc, demonstrating a total disrespect for others ppl contrasts to
their own pathetic legacy of demonics faith and loyalty to core economic interests; again,
protecting their own little crops… I have only one word for them…
You are different.

Not enough losses in abyss. Its all your fault people!

CCP only does what it have to. Destroys more of your ships!

Those are the rules, you pay, and CCP destroys your ship!

When other games give you cookies, EVE takes your cookie away and laughs at you!



I dont go to abyss anymore.



there was none . you’re being trolled .

it seems you don’t understand the difference between DPS and volley damage , and the affect of turret hit damage modifiers .
let’s look at your broadsword for easy math , as the thermal and explosive resist were close to 80% each .

250 damage at 80% resist = 1250 volley damage . divide by 5 second ROF = 250 DPS . ( rounding down unknown penetrate mod )

1250 damage at 80% resist means the volley before resists was 6250 . divide by 3 , the known damage mod for wrecking shots . 2083 volley divided by 5 second ROF = 416 DPS . 416 DPS / 250 base DPS = 1.6 damage mod , or 60 seconds of spool-up . feel better ? :smiley:

abyss was intended for solo cruiser . then destroyer and frigate were added , and the rewards for those were increased proportionately . meaning destroyer abyss pays 2x cruiser , and frig abyss pays 3x . this allows new players to team up , use cheap ships with lower skills , and still make as much as someone soloing in a cruiser . and higher-skilled players can solo frig abyss for 3x the payout .
would anyone want to run T1 or T2 frig abyss if the rewards were cut 2/3 ? that’s what i thought … so be careful what you wish for that’s what will happen if ccp listen to you muppets begging for the content to be made easier …

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They should do away with abyssal and assign that content to trig agents. Instanced isk farming is trash.


250 BASE Dps, that is what seems to be wrong with it.
Both Tangling and Striking has 2X dmg multiplier on top of the 2% every 3s cycle bonus.

But Every low slot of a Kiki populated with Dmg amplifier, and Tetryons, and lev 4 skills, it gives you
100 DPS Base, x2 it’s 200 DPS Base.

Instead, in all my calculations, the Base Dps seems to be 250 DPS.
I can’t fit a Kiki to do 125 DPS with T1 Ammo. No Way.
I was wrong on Spool Up, I admit. I made a lot of calculations on all my ship losses and Spool Up is 2% per cycle. Base Dmg is too high. Except they would use officer modules of sort, which they do not drop.
No NPC drop anything in the Abyss. Not a single module.

Yes, I feel better, ty :slight_smile:
I dont mind them doing officer level dmg, IF they would actually DROP Any of those…
2/3 of basically NOTHING, is still NOTHING…
bc 8 Mil average for T4 Electrical IS nothing, if you count the Ship Values able to do T4’s…
Broadsword minimal fit for T4 is 800 Mil… You need to run 100 T4 before breaking even…
I would not feel anything. I assure you…

kiki w / T2 disintegrator / tetryon ammo , 4 x T2 entropic sinks , is showing me 293 dps , 628 alpha , 2.13 second ROF … no implants or drugs .

there’s not much reliable info about the abyssal ships , they could follow different rules re. ROF , max spool , % damage increase per cycle , etc . but it’s safe to assume max skills .

i ran some T1 electrical yesterday in an alpha-clone flying a punisher . i got the kiki / damavik spawn in one room , wasn’t a problem . kill the kiki first , before he can spool , then the damavik . although i guess you learned that lesson already … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

keep at it , man . abyss is challenging and you got to take loss in stride .
and get a better mic for your vids ffs it sounds like you’re recording in the shower … :laughing:

EVE - Entity: Anchoring Kikimora 5% damage increase per cycle.