Triglavian Site - Ship exploded, not expelled

So I was running a Trig site on sisi, and I ran out of time. Rather than being expelled, as was advertised, my ship exploded, everything disappeared, and my pod got stuck in Abyssal Space.

Is that what’s supposed to happen, or am I the victim of a nice little glitch?

Yes that’s what happens currently in those sites if you don’t get to the end gate you get squished

Alright… just checking. I was under the impression that you just get ejected.

I think ccp went with do or die so ppl wouldn’t farm 1 or 2 rooms knowing they’ll be returned safely to the surface

I suppose that makes sense. Ah well. I know I can handle up to at least 3rd tier filaments now.

what do you mean “expelled as advertised” if you mouse over the timer it tells you you’re gunna die

Lol so it does!
I guess I was mistaken.

i was also under the impression that we would be ejected as well that seemed like the way they ment it at fanfest but it seems it was miss placed

Well, at fanfest they said they haven’t decided yet if you just get spewed out or die when the timer runs out, but at the roundtable, everyone was in favor of getting destroyed, so that’s what we have now

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