Triglavian Wormholes?

Do these even exist? I can’t find anything from the player base about finding them or where they spawn.

I thought the triglavian minor victory systems were meant to be common places to find them but ive been visiting them all day and nothing. I also have been through around 100 J-space connections and nothing…

Anyone got any further information. Right now with no direction im a very frustrated explorer.

Patch Notes say:

Reworked the Triglavian Wormhole site distribution rules

But even if CCP increased the number of possible holes, you very likely still have a better chance to find them from within than from the outside. Pay up and yeet into Trash-Space to find your connections. And maybe ask the Trig supporter craps to help you get in. :slight_smile:

Scan not around minor victories, but within 2-3 jumps of where the final liminality systems used to be.

Also, you’ll know you are on the right track if you see Trigs on dscan in a system in one of these systems.

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Thanks guys ill give that a try. Honestly not sure what the point of this update is so far its no fun and from what i know there isnt even much to do when i find a way in.

oh, there is … grind standings :wink:

just buy a few filaments in Jita (7M each) and jump in. And scan if there is a wh in the trig system you are in

trig holes spawn anywhere. I’ve encountered five in the last week. Three in the same constellation in deep sov Null.

I am Nani atm in astero didnt see any npc/trigs/drones guarding holes like I read about, I got in from bookmarks folder from a channel on players that use these holes, Im here for more then 3 days and didnt see more of their bookmarks now, what I can say is that Nani has always a HS exit, lots of nasty ships on d-scan and hangar conatiners to, i found 1 2 containers but are full of cheap stuff.
I’ll stay in out of curiosity then I will head back.

Never warped to combat sites to see whats there.

Fly safe. o/

Just a word of caution for hisec dwellers. If a capsuleer warps uncloaked to that wormhole, it will trigger a small triglavian spawn. If these Triglavian ships are engaged, it will trigger a reinforcement fleet that will then roam the solar system. They will roam randomly to star gates, NPC stations, player owned stations, customs offices, asteroid belts, planets and the sun. There can be multiple roaming fleets varying widely in size and makeup. it is just a matter of time before a pilot is caught jumping through a hi sec gate with a valuable ship/cargo.

The system of Fasse had a trig wh. It was an Edencom Fortress, but the roaming trigs killed the guns in the belts and on the gates. That was a bit of a surprise to people jumping insystem.

If you are interested in getting to Pochven, I highly recommend you join a community dedicated to making that space an interesting place:

The Raravoss Proving Grounds operates NRDS in Raravoss and Harva, providing a good point to start your exploration of that region. Raravoss has also a well stocked market.

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I’ll be making a thread about it, but the way I track where a wormhole may be is by using zkill but looking for Triglavian specific kills

Its not a sure fire way, but so far its helped in finding consistent wormholes.

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