Triglavian wormholes

Are Triglavian wormhole connections becoming more common in highsec lately? I’ve been seeing (and narrowly dodging) them a lot lately.

Shhhh, just relax and let it happen.

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They’ve been there ever since Chapter 3 of the Triglavian arc ended. It’s not that hard to figure out where the wormholes will appear in, since they’ll only do so within 3 jumps of a Pochven system, based on the old map. There’s a list published by Electus Matari on potential wormhole locations. You can check it out.


Is the old map still available to see and check?

one day i was picking some stuff with my DST them i saw some dudes fighting the trigs at the gate… i keep my route and on the way back a lot of loots floating , result, i picked one blinged 70ish million module , they tried to kill me but my DST is stabed and i simply docked in the same system and listem to a lot of curses and tears on local with a smile on my face , after suspect wear of i just continued my route .
now that i know this im very exited to see people fighting the trigs on hs , hope it happen again soon


It happens a lot around JITA.

You get some good loot in New Caldari and Peri when the Trig wormholes spawns there and tackles freighters. I guess it does not help if we also bump the freighters right so they don’t get back to the gate.


I always seem to miss the good times :frowning:

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So is there a definite safe route between Jita and Reisen?

No, there are no safe routes in New Eden.

If you would shoot something else than nearly empty MTUs in high sec, these times would probably come.

I guess I mean are there any routes where I’m less likely to get Trig-ganked?

Avoid Triglavian MInor Victory systems and Pochven wormhole candidate systems (their list can be found here)

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You are salty? Did I get yours? :wink:

Sadly they haven’t actually been keeping it up to date based on new information and monitoring, i’ve already eliminated systems from the list and am collecting data to help eliminate even more systems from the potential spawn list

They are of course welcome to help contribute to it but i think Pochven has lost their interest

Ingame no, you would have to grab one of the archived versions of the dotlan map, we have lists of the “potential” spawn systems however its become apparent that this data might not be entirely accurate as we have noted systems that have as of yet not had any triglavian presence, and while some of these systems are statistically unlikely to see many spawns there are some cases where there should definitely have been atleast 1 spawn in a few systems that haven’t ever seen one

We are always looking for volunteers to help keep our tracker (Triglavian Tracker - EDENCOM Defense Initiative) up to date, more eyes means more data which means more statistics for us to work with


Yes, I for once at least continuously D-Scan most systems I happen to travel through or find myself in for Triglavian presence.

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Friend posted killmail and I saw you. Be carefull, you may spring a trap.

Also its you who complained. Your choice if you take my advice.

I’m scared now. :stuck_out_tongue: Highsec pubby “advices”, I love them.

I didn’t complain, it was irony, as I just left Perimeter and was in Pochven at this time of the day. :wink:

I have seen enough stuff in high sec and low sec and wh to know how easy it is to set a trap. Only thing I never liked is the wait.

But whatever.

I stopped setting up traps exactly because of that, you just wait idling most of the time, and still have a chance you finally miss your goal. Just roam and dip in and out systems / wh and look for opportunities. In the MTU case you mentioned I was hoping the Tornado starts shooting at me.

I salute everyone who has the patience and the cleverness to get the kill. I’m not worried about traps, it’s PvP and EvE how I like it. :slight_smile:

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I’m yet to see one wormhole leading into Triglavian space…