Harder to find Triglavians around Highsec

I’ve been having a really tough time finding Triglavian spawns around High-Sec. Was there an update in the last couple months that I missed? I’m getting so bored jumping from system to system not finding any. I started filtering for Triglavian victories on the New Eden map but even with that, I’m finding hardly any NPCs to kill. Can anyone help me out, 3-4 months ago, I didn’t have any issue finding Triglavians.

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Find trig minor victory system → shoot any trig sentry - > meet trig fleet

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Is this an update to what it previously be? Thanks for the help!

There is a randomness to their spawns, so it may have moved on, further away, from your normal hunting grounds.

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thank you

I’m pretty sure Roaming Trigs can also be found in systems that contain C729 Wormholes which lead to Pochven.