Solo Golem Triglavian hunting Guide (150mil/h+)


Made a guide how to earn 150mil/h+ in high sec with a solo Golem by hunting Triglavians. Good change of pace from missions or abyss. Hope it helps you earn dank isk :slight_smile:


Nice vid. As an aside, I assume this tanks your Trig standing and, if so, how aggressive do they become with their patrolling fleets out in faction space? If Iโ€™m running a solo JOAT character, I cannot afford to make my industrial/trade runs through some of fleets that now ignore me.

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I havent really had much issue at all with their aggro. I frequently travel around in high sec past minor victory systems too. Just maybe not the best idea to carry say a freighter through a minor victory system but again I have not seen a triglavian gate camp since for ages and I frequently travel through high sec systems all the time.

Trig MVโ€™s are usually in cadari systems and I would say safely 98% of them wonโ€™t interfere with daily travel. In most of HighSec.

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