Warning - Triglavian Dunking

So I had a friend lose a Golem while solo’ing the minor invasion sites a few days ago and I found how he lost it quite interesting. Basically he was running the sites just fine until an ibis warped to him… warped away. warped to him. Happened a couple times until the ibis landed on him and brought the whole trig fleet in behind it. ibis leaves and golem gets dunked by the massive fleet. Comes back a few min later scoops golem loot and nopes out. Basically the ibis was just warping to the golem then off to another trig fleet in system and back until they followed him there.

Not to say I havent ganked my fair share of people in HS or suspect baited some mission runners before… but this is some next level troll with seemingly literally no way to avoid/literally zero risk for the “attacker”

I guess TL;DR, careful doing these sites alone or even in smaller expensive fleets


Hmm, interesting, but I don’t think trigs following you in warp. However there is a chance of a roaming fleet showing up in minors, so solo is not safe anymore. The ibis was probably just speculating about loot theft.

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What a spiteful coldhearted little pirate. Brilliant play though if its true with zero risk for the instigator. I can see a bug report on that from the victim as i type this hehe

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