Triglavians warping to Escalations?

Hey guys, just curious, I haven’t played in a while.

I got a 5/10 in high sec which was really exciting, but it’s in triglavian space(Thanks CCP, great feature…)

Will they warp into my escalation? I really need to get some isk for corp stuff.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

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I haven’t heard anything about them warping into exploration / mission sites. They do show up at Jump Gates, Stations, Planets, etc. Course the system effects of the Invasion will be active so you’ll have to contend with that.

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Thank you, you were correct. Nothing warped

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Not sure about escalations, but I have had them warp in to a data site I was doing once.

Well, I’ve never heard of Trigs warping into Ore sites, Data sites or Combat sites so this has gotta be a first.


I’ve had them warp in on a data site once and they are able to find you even if you are cloaked and at a safe spot. They arrive about 50-80 km off and seem to be looking for you; gave me a heart attack when I had to suddenly cloak and safe due to an er, emergency, and returned to find 4 Trigs circling my BR.

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This was published though.

A ramp up over time of content around trigs. Soon to come is warp scrambling trigs in the roaming groups. Trigs will come to data/relic/ice/combat anoms plus mission pockets. High sec operators need to band together to fight them off and run their content.

Yeah, I had the same thing happen, talk about immersion breaking.

Really, that’s a good way to actually kill off this game.

Im new so maybe not sure why this would kill the game but i keep being told its against botters and the players voted for this to stop botting.

Personally, I wish the Triglavian patrols would harass Ice Anomalies. That would get rid of quite a few AFK’ers and bots.

Don’t know where you get your info but players didn’t vote for having excessive risk added to High Sec content.

As for the Bots, that’s a fail-safe excuse being used by CCP and pro-CCP Fanboys to justify having this content implemented. If they really wanted to stop Bots, CCP would concentrate on Null sec space, increasing their risk and nerfing their rewards.

As for high sec Combat sites, they already have NPC’s in them so having other types of NPC’s warp in and attack the player makes those sites overpowered and will drive players away from the game.

The rewards for high sec Hacking sites are already extremely bad so adding more risk to those sites will do the same, drive even more players away from the game.

Too much risk added with no increase in rewards coupled with constant nerfs to the game will make it hard for solo / casual players to continue playing. As for new players, they will find it even tougher just to get started, let along advance their careers in the game.


They can warp to Data/Relic sites and maybe other sites without entry gates.

Pretty sure players didn’t vote to kill botting by killing three times more people who aren’t botting in the process.

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Was this a mid-warp safe or a 70km off a warpable object then cloak kind of thing?

If the first then I’ll try this myself … if the second, then yes they do that, they’ll warp to all objects at various ranges and start orbiting around.

True mid warp or former data / relic / conduit site safe’s I doubt they can find.

This was an event site from about 4 years ago, middle of nowhere, BR cloaked as I hit “warp to”. No Existing structures,planets,belts, etc nearby.

why would they be killed if not botting? they can just fight the trigs and keep doing what they are doing. but game not intended for solo is problem and ccp fix that

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I needed to check Market after jumping into a system that had an Emerging Conduit so I cloak warped from the gate to the sun and within a minute or two 4 Trigs spawned about 50km’s from me.

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