Trig invasion - really?!

Didn’t play for some years, returned… time to forget this game I think…

Two days ago in highsec in Minor Conduit site I got roaming fleet on my head, probably 3 times as big as last wave of that site. Full HG Asklepian did not give a chance for my Nestor to survive, I was literally blown out in 30 seconds. Minus Nestor, Nightmare and Noctis, minus smth about 2kkk. It’s highsec, remember? What should I do to survive that fleet? Not to go to trig invasion or not to play this game?

Well, I got 2nd Nestor and boosters. So, today I stayed in 0km from station (sic!) in triglavian system. Two Nestors and Nightmare in spidertank. Two HG Asklepian… spidertank… boosters ready… instadoc… What the hell can go wrong?!

Yes, some drifter Apollo Tyrannos just came and one-shotted me! 22000 damage in one shot, why not…

Holy cow, am I missing smthing? Is all this **** a normal game mechanic?!

These are not Trigs you got doomsdayed by a Drifter. Did you shoot at them or at the Autho…something…Lancers to make them angry? Normally Drifters are not an issue in Highsec, if you don’t shoot their members.

If you shoot at the Lancer they will call the Tyrannos, who will follow you around until you are dead. Don’t do that.


“I jumped into new content i knew nothing about and couldnt be brothered to atleast check the wiki, then i somehow died.”

If you would have checked the wiki you could have read nearly on the top:

## Encounters

The systems under Triglavian invasion will have wandering fleets of Triglavian ships. These fleets will attack player owned Upwell structures and hang around celestial objects or in deep space.

The fleets can call for reinforcements during fights. Fleet size and composition depends on the system status.

Triglavians that are on a warpable celestial can be located by a skilled d-scanner. But for serious Triglavian hunting you will want a dedicated combat prober.

“I then attacked drifters, that are already in the game for a long time, and now i act surprised, that they doomsdayed me, like they are doing for years now”


Yes for atleast a year already, Drifters much longer.


Really tired of being SCREWED by CCP as a Indy toon. Out mining and 9 Trig come in. Ignore everything but my Orca and just scram and kill it so take ur game and shove it. U have always SCREWED the indy toons for the past 4 yrs and now I tired of it. Gonna find a new game. U just lost 9 acts


So don’t mine in or near an invasion system. It’s that simple…


You had nine accounts on grid too? 8 barges and an orca can kill trigs easily. If you were at the KB anyways… :shrug:


You didn’t get the memo ?



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