Returning player. Need some advice on Triglavians

Back and re-subbed after a few years break.

Seems trigs are now a thing.

Was running sites in Caldari Hisec to get used to the interface again and have been gate killed twice by Triglavians. 1st time my route showed a red triangle so I thought, “let’s see…” - kaboom :slight_smile: Hmm, yes, I did see. Second time, nothing showed on the route but … kaboom - same result.

Summary : 2 Strats lost in one day in HiSec. Losing ships is not a problem - this is Eve and this is not a salty tears post.

Jumped into my WH explorer fit and ran some sites to make back isk. Read a bunch of articles on the forum - join EDENCOM etc. Seems I understand the WH risks better than the current Hisec risks from trigs.

Question: How to go about HiSec site running and avoid ship losses to trigs?

Appreciate any insights, thanks.

Welcome back - and thank-you for it not being a whine.

When you set a route, the invaded systems - or impacted systems - will show in the path as an inverted triangle. Worth checking which entitiy, Triglavian or EDENCOM, hold the system. - though you can also see that through the Agency window in game. The gates into those systems have Triglavian language markings (triangle script) rather than Empire/System markings.

If you have positive standing with EDENCOM, Triglavians will attack on sight and vice versa. Even if that standing is 0.01. And as you’ve seen they are very aggressive.

The best way to avoid losses is to avoid the invasion systems - given that Nairja on the Amarr-Jita pipe fell to the Triglavians that can be awkward. However I believe a cloaky fast aligning covert ops exploration ship can get in and out of occupied systems with care. If you find an NPC gate camp, wait in gate cloak as long as you can - the NPC fleets move around quite swiftly and you may find they “go away”.

However, we do know that the Invasion is coming to a head - definite signs of the jump-gates into Triglavian Systems being destabilised and potentially about to off-line, the stars in the occupied system are now being heavily disrupted by Triglavian stellar manipulation devices - I suspect we are going to see a cataclysmic event fairly soon that will likely have shock waves across New Eden (what’s the betting it disrupts mineral distribution somehow?).

Things move on in New Eden - one of the delights of Eve: it evolves and you have to keep adapting to the changes. Have a look at the Abyssal Deadspaces - it may be something that interests you.

You are returning in interesting times. Happy hunting and good luck.


Thanks Terak - very useful information, most appreciated.

Bottom line, as you mentioned : Adapt. After-all that’s what makes Eve fun.


You fly Stratios, so enjoy the WH life, it’s fun there! :wink:

Most of my friends and corpmates also lost ships to trigs, and they also appear in Lowsec, btw. The Triglavian Invasion Event is still in progress, so all we hear and know can change in a month or two…

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