Will be taking Triglavian invasion warnings a bit more seriously from now on

So, was on the way to my home system in my Orca when I went thru an invasion system. I have been thru these systems dozens of times before, gates were always clear but this time the Triglavians were camping and slaughtering whatever jumped through. There were already several wrecks littered about they had already gotten from previous unlucky travelers. After doing a bit of thinking while I was still cloaked I decided my best chances for survival were to try and burn back to the gate as warping was likely not going to be an option. Lemme tell ya, that was a long 12.5km of slowboating back to the gate praying that they would not break my defenses. Fortunately for me, I managed to make it.

All these overpowered NPC’s in hi-sec are getting ridiculous. I have almost gotten pointed by freaking NPCs 2 times in the last month alone in ships that would not have been able to get away. Its getting too much. Heck I worry more about NPC’s than I do CODE now.

End of rant.


Almost… twice in two months

Sounds like a reasonable rate.


Today I lost two ventures to them! I turned my back for a second, and BOOM. Second destroyed just over an hour ago…buying a third today, beginning to wonder why I bother? Industry is hard


Don’t get discouraged, losing ships is just part of the game. You can go onto the rookie help or EVE University channels to ask for assistance, there will be plenty of folks willing to give you a hand! :slightly_smiling_face:

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In Triglavian invasion systems there are two types of NPCs that have scrams - they’re the Anchoring Damavik/Kikimora, and Zorya’s Damavik. Neither are believed to appear on gates in invasion systems; just be wary that a celestial on grid with the gate doesn’t also have a group with those NPCs (it can get confusing). If your Orca is properly tanked, you can warp gate to gate through invasion systems without difficulty using the MWD cloak trick, or bringing people with you to support you (a couple of T1 logi cruisers would likely be sufficient).

Burning back to the gate in a ship that slow is usually going to be a mistake if you don’t have an active tank, usually your best bet is to warp off and warp back if you’re able to find a safe warp point (either a safe in deadspace, or an Upwell structure you can tether with).


Actually the Trig rats that point can appear on the gates in the Foothold system.


Only a bit more? Triglavians are a serious threat.

Yep, fit an MWD for travelling, faster warp and faster burning for a gate if needed

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I have successfully used ECM drones to break the scram of Blood Raider FOB rats allowing my Orca to GTFO the belt.

As someone mentioned above the only warp disruption comes from Trigs with “Anchoring” or “Zorya” in their name. If there are none of those you are golden, the rest will probably web you to warp faster.

As multiple people have already said, the two type of trig rats that can scram are not usually found on gates, and even if they are…medium drones of an Orca should be able to kill them well before they break your tank if you are actually tanked. Orca’s should have no fear going through invasion systems.

… So your point is that two times in a month is “ridiculous” ?

… sigh

you was worryed aboud CODE? why?


The fun is just beginning. As stated and confirmed the trigs and FOB rats when in system will also start hammering ice anoms, ore anoms, and peoples mission pockets.

These are great changes and content. Game is getting alot better recently.

Stated where? By who? When?

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Here, now, by him.


They show on d-scan.
Use it.

Yes, the Triglavian rats are insane as I discovered 4 augmented mining drones and 37k Orca shield later… my crime? I stood up and took a piss… had two Orcas in the belt, nearly lost one that caught on a particle and got bumped out of warp alignment.

But I´m all for it… sure, my chilling with podcasts/audiobooks in mining belts is no longer viable (and I just managed to warp out of a relic site when two of those fuckers jumped right on top of me during a hack).

But you know what is? Ice mining… not a single Triglavian sighted yet… afk Orcas all about the place. Not. One. Trig.

And I have a feeling they make themselves scarce in moon mining fields as well… all eggers being equal, but some clearly more equal than others.

So, moar Trigs… Trigs everywhere… go Oprah on our asses with the Trigs… but do so evenhandedly CCP.


Now they do but as promised trig rats will hit ice anoms in a coming update as well as any mission pockets active in system during their invasions. same is coming for the FOB rats too.

you got a preview and i looks like you had fun like the intention is.

Fake news.

Despite being asked multiple times you have never produced evidence of this, its bullcrap.