Triglavian Invasions and how they suck a bag of donkey flops

As per a sensitive ISD’s feelings requested, I will repost. They can’t do their jobs and admin the jerk offs and trolls, but they can get upset if i tell a troll to suck it. So, here’s a nicer post.

I was mining in an asteroid belt, like i’ve done for the past 3 days. Triglavians hadn’t come into the belt except in small forces that could be dealt with by my drones and defenses.
Then, all of the sudden, 3 full fleets warp in, scram me and melt my orca in 6 seconds flat.
I got no opportunity to warp away or defend myself. Obviously I think the coding for these invasions needs to be fixed, as I have suffered a significant loss.
More importantly, I’ve been in regular incursions and never had this type of thing happen.

CCP has shown a disdain towards miners recently, and a lot of players always show disrespect towards miners. It’s silly, because they wouldn’t have ships to fly without miners. But, That’s just the mentality of EvE community I guess. Toxic to the last drop, then wonder why they drive away new players.
My orca cost roughly 1.4b isk, including the ship cost, the drones and the defensive modules. The cost and high defense is for protection from gankers and so that I can deal with any npc attackers that come my way. Obviously, triglavians are an exception to that, since they melted my orca in 6 seconds.
I know, some of the more toxic people are going to comment calling me names, as they’ve done on my other thread, so before you do, just be aware I’ll flag your comments.

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