Triglavian Invasions, and how they can suck a bag of donkey flops

Earlier today I was in an asteroid belt mining, like i’ve done the last 3 days. No issues with triglavians showing up, except a few here and there that can be handled by my drones and orca defense.
Today, however, ccp game code decided asteroid belts need to have 3 full fleets jump in on one target and melt my orca in 6 second flat.
I couldn’t escape, I couldn’t defend. All I could do is sit there and lose a 1.4b orca.
For those of you about to post some shitty comment about mining, go eat a floppy one. Without miners, you wouldn’t have any of your ships.


Why? Does your stupidity and rudness break my ships somehow?

Go eat a rigid one. They are tastier.


And without dead ships, there wouldn’t be much reason to mine. Be proud, you’ve played an important role in the Eve circle of life!


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