Triglavian in regular belts all over eve?

I try to mine ice but, becuse of someone that hade like 13 account mined all ice i tryed to mine regular minerals. Worked well and begin to get some isk from it. But

Today i mined i was attacked by Triglavian rats in mining field. Near lost my ship. Was not afk.

Then i moved like 20 jumps away. Mined again and attacked again by Triglavian rats. This time i lost some drones and was even closer to lose my ship. I warped direct when they jumped in.

Their could not be any trevian rats in this system what i can see. Not even anything except regular rats.

At the moment im only doing mission.

Not a fan of “The Triglavian Invasion”

  • Triglavian Recon vessels have been sighted outside of Invasion zones.

Oh my…

So, now you gonna need to ready some PVE ship for responding the triglavs when mining in HS.

Are they only hang out in belts? Are they camping the gates? Do they scram? Does my MJD Orca for hauling safe? So many question…

Only belts what i now. No scram, They neut and do plenty of dmg.

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I ■■■■■■■ love CCP right now !

No more afk mining in hs \o/


And no more money for ccp through my subscription that i cancelled after killing my hauler.

U can be happy, hopefully there will be enough players u can play with.


Actually, CCP’s use of recon Triglavians is not so bad an idea. Their killboards indicate that they have been feeding off of ventures and t1 haulers for a major part of their diet, but have claimed a Skiff and Ishtar as well. Based on many of the fits (see the Ishtar for for some real cringe), numerous afk/botting ships are apparently being effected, as well as the unaware reguler player. Since every recon group I’ve run into or fought has consisted of 2-4 ships, none of which are anchoring, I imagine there must be a lot of inattentiveness and lack of spacial awareness happening by some players, since rapid warpoff should still be their first option. The weakened state of the Triglavian recon forces are great for any player’s first attempt with interaction with them and allows for refining both ship and tactics for use against them in an Invasion system.

At the worse, they kind of act like a weaker CODE without asking for your permit or trolling for salt after. No longer can players ignore belt rats in HS at their leisure…in this Era of Chaos, CCP has created an ally for CODE.
If they buff Jita local spamming and scamming, we’ll know the end is near.



i like this change, stops botters and afk miners!

thnx CCP, making hisec more dangerous, like you did with nullsec before^^


That change stops nothing besides chilling. Its an anoyance. There is no point to force a hauler to pve and to get poped while geting minerals out of customs. If i want to pvp i go null or to lowsec for pve i go to missions etc. I decide what i do, eve is forcing pve on peeps who dont want to pve at that moment no point to pop a hauler in hs.

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Tank your ship and warp out. That’s not diffucult.

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Problem in the end is that regular miner disapear not botminer. They can jump faster than player do. After while Will bots to handel this. Then the problem is still their.

I like variation in eve. Mine/pve and When i Have isk over some pvp.

For exempel i see a person that maybe are a bot ”he” mines 23/4. Hes not going to be affected. He has pve/pvp ship in hes fleet. When rat lands are they gone in second.

Me on the other hand can Only use one shiptype. I cant pop the rats instead i Have to run.

Then i Only Have mission left because sometimes i dont Have the time to do a 40 min mission. But before i could mine 20 min.

My isk income is reduced by 2/3 this way.

Botmines maybe going to be the winner in the end. If prices on minerals goes up they can more easy buy plex for their account.

If u like pvp u going to lose on this to less minerals higher price on skip and modules.

You have the time to warp out, take a combat ship, kill the rats and continue to mine…

But i know, it’s difficult to not be afk…


Not advocating AFK mining here, but most of the time rats will leave the belt when your mining vesel does and you will spend tens of minutes chasing them in PvE ship all over the system. No fun. You, tired of fruitless jumps, come back and grab your barge only to see them already waiting for it in any random belt you barge comes in. It is a very annoying indeed.
The only option is to mine in PvE fitted skiff, because the system itself is not affected by invasion so your drones do full damage.

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What have afk to do with this? As i write i never afk mine. Have never lost a miningship. allways stand aligned. Allways check local. Still im near to die. Their is no chans for me to mine even if i do this things. regular rats gives u some seconds Before they attack. This rats jump direct and shoot. No waiting.

Have no ship to kill the rats/skills for it or isk. Their are misson for this or wh if u Want to kill this rats. Im not intrested in this. Only wanted to mine. If i Want action i do some pve/pvp.

Jump dont solve the problem u talk about. Their will still be the problem with bots. So it seems like its a problem with people afk mining than people using bots.

People do mission afk to. Are we going to get rats in mission to?

The only thing that happens is that bots getting it better and people like me lose on it.

its good for u that u can kill the rats and mine.

For my self is mining dead as long this rats are their. Have been in 0.0 before and not even their was it so dangerous rats like this rats. Even carrier-rats was esier to jump from.

Jump dont solve the problem its just make it harder for me to enjoy eve as a game.

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False, rats don’t leave the belt when you leave. You just overreact, like a lot of EVE players.

Skill a shipt to kill the rat. So much tear for a so borring thing to do…

Or join a corp and team work for defend yourself !

Savotien are u real? or just playing? Rats jump alot from belts to belts. In 0.0 then also jump to gates.

Mening that if u jumps from belt to get your ship they can jump away because no agro. If u have like 10+belts then u have to check all 10.

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As i told im doing this to get the isk. Mining is to get isk for pve/pvp ship. If I cant mine i get less isk. Less isk less pvp.

Why are u allways talks about feelings? if i need to talk about feelings i dont do in eve online. Its only that i dont like the change. Its like u playing a sport and they change the rules. Is the game getting better about the new rule or worst. You think its good. I think its bad. I explain why its bad for me. The new rules destroy my gameplay how to play the game. It makes it more boring for me. Maybe the new rules makes the game funny for u.

If u dont like mining u dont have to do it. It ok.
But the diffrent are if u Want to do something and cant do it becuse of some change in Eve that u dont like.

I lose 2/3 of my income with this Changes. Plus that we have the change in tax. Going to take long time for me to get a nice ship.

I get like 100m-200m every week. Then u have minus drones/ammo. Now going to 33m-66m every week. So no pvp for me now becuse of this : (

Its 133m isk every month to 266m. With higher prices on ship its not much isk for pvp

And yes u can fly frigs, but how fun is it to fly frigs all day when the other guys have ship for 700m and fitting for the same sum. PVP its dead for me at the moment.

Have been in some larger pvp corp, but have no time for it. They dont mine, instead the ratted alot. Dont Want to be in a miningcorp becuse of no pvp. So i stay neutral.

Have fun fly safe.

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I’m real. That last two days i’have killed the rats, first by docking my two account and be back with two VNI. So yes you have the time to come back and kill the rats…

Now i’m doing like ns, Orca + remote shield and a vni in ship bay if i want to kill them faster. Work better like that.

There is plenty of corps out there who crave about miner and wanna be pvp member. You just want to play afk and solo. No way in eve, solo style are always less good thant team work and afk playing is an abomination.

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So, solo barge wont do it, eh?

I wonder if I fit mining orca with some tank, sensor booster and drones. Are those rats gonna kill it?

What about their drone aggro?