Triglaivan Collective NPCS in high sec

This is such a stupid design. In .9 or 1.0 space, I can’t even mine because these guys jump in and blow up my Venture in 5 seconds.

Is there a question here?


So don’t mine AFK - solved. Venture warps out plenty fast to avoid them.

Surely you’re not mining during a full Triglavian invasion of that system…right?


Thankfully, the Triglavian patrols have greatly reduced AFK mining in high sec. I mine every day in a Venture on an Alpha alt, and do you know how many times I’ve been killed by a Triglavian patrol? Zero. Warp in, align to station, start mining, and warp out the instant you see them warp in.

That means you have to be paying attention. Not in the next room watching Netflix rubbing one out to Blanche from the Golden Girls…


Pass the mind-bleach !!!

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What a revolting thought.

Dry Heave

Venture mining… yuck.

Yeah, I like to put away my Omegas every once in a while and play on an Alpha account, if only to show new players that are constantly complaining about the Trigs how easy it is to deal with them.


I’ve lost one Venture because I didn’t pay attention and thought they were normal belt rats - sent my two Hobgob I and got grilled.
That was a “wtf?” moment until I realized what kind of rats came along.

It’s a good way to cut back afk mining. Industrial career agents give out Ventures for free, so the loss isn’t too severe.

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So im a few week old alpha and was quietly mining in some corner of space some ores in my little venture. There were couple gurista rats around but i had drones. Ore hold got full and went to station to unload, combatlog follows, its mainly here for timestamps:

[ 2020.04.21 14:46:06 ] (notify) Requested to dock at Isaziwa III - Perkone Warehouse station
[ 2020.04.21 14:46:06 ] (notify) Your docking request has been accepted. Your ship will be towed into station.
[ 2020.04.21 14:47:06 ] (None) Undocking from Isaziwa III - Perkone Warehouse to Isaziwa solar system.
[ 2020.04.21 14:48:56 ] (combat) Raznaborg Damavik - Smashes
[ 2020.04.21 14:48:56 ] (combat) Raznaborg Damavik - Penetrates
[ 2020.04.21 14:48:56 ] (combat) Renewing Raznaborg Damavik - Penetrates
[ 2020.04.21 14:48:58 ] (combat) Raznaborg Damavik - Majorana Light Missile - Hits
[ 2020.04.21 14:48:58 ] (combat) Raznaborg Damavik - Majorana Light Missile - Hits
and dead.

so in 2 minutes trig npcs had sniffed out my bookmarked location and set up ambush? or how should i deal with deathtraps like this? go back to starter areas if i want to mine?

The solution is to NOT MINE IN HIGHSEC.
It’s the worst activity in the game and for new players, it’s arguably one of the fastest ways to burn out, get bored, and quit the game.

Too many kids come in thinking, “I’m scared, I just want to peacefully mine in my own little corner of space” EXACTLY the same as you. The Trigs are CCP’s way of saying “don’t do that”. As a new player, you’re not going to be able to do that. The sooner you come to terms with it, the faster you’ll be able to grow a spine and move on to do actually useful gameplay that’ll make you want to get better at the game and become more invested.

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The EVE way: Learn to handle them.
Speed tank, align, kill them in a bigger ship, find them on DScan beforehand - there’s many ways to avoid being killed, and some are actually fun.


But the point is, that 2 minutes earlier that same spot was empty … its like CCP way of saying “hey! its sandbox game! you can do everything you want! exept to mine in venture in highsec, because… fck you thats why”

“The fog of war is never safe”
Of course they are much more dangerous than normal beltrats, but still they are relatively easy to flee from, and Ventures are disposable. I think it’s a valuable lesson for Low/Null/WH/gank how to gtfo - if you excel here, your life in New Eden will be much easier.

Which part of “Be Aligned and At the Keyboard” are you struggling with? I’ll admit your station undock scenario is something that could be tweaked but that isn’t the norm and in belts they are perfectly easy to avoid / escape without impacting your bottom line much.

Why do players see the bad ass rats on DScan and not prepare to escape? Because they’re trying to mine AFK in hisec. They weren’t even looking at DScan or their ship, but still really need the game changing to support this lazy playstyle.

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