Please nurf low Damavik Triglavian NPC ship in high sec in mining belts!

I know is made these Triglavian ship to exist PvE and do not be AFK to while mining in high sec,but i know how to escape or kill these :

I did lose many Ventures ,to while i try out warp out,i know must align to any station or be prepare to warp out,but in many case to while i m not prepare,my reactions are so slow to warp out.Why we should have fast reactions?! ( dont enswer me,i know enswer if someone try reply to me!!).
I know with other proper fit you can kill these NPC ships,but with Venture i cary only one combat drone,or with Orca ship.
Come oon CCP team devs. please nurf these ship low,his dmg or shield or armor,dps.
Dont tell me i must learn how to escape or warp out.
Lets stay these NPC Triglavian ships,but to be like rest NPC ships in under 1.0 sec,not like in 0.5 sec or 0.6 sec.
I did feel many times pissed off,because i know to bay new one and travel in whole Universal for cheap fit.
We must not make ourselves feel irritated!
We must enjoy the your game.
Is not good,to feel when lose mining ships like this not!
Come oon please.
If someone “professor” ,“knowledgeable” …reply to me like i did said up,please dont!!!,( i know always pop up someone such “gamer”,im so old gamer and had 20 years game life and expirience).

I agree these are totally unreasonable for new players mining in frigates.

They disproportionately impact new players when they should be targeting botters.

Data Laughing

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OP, I mine in a Venture on an Alpha alt and I encounter Trigs every single day. And do you know how many I have lost? Zero…

The solution is obvious here.



Honestly given their non-existent yield I would not object to trigs ignoring Ventures in regular belts in HS :joy:

@dairdis :


Why withdraw it?

These NPC Trigs are very lethal. They lock within 3 seconds and apply immediate DPS. I’ve landed on suns and asteroid belts where they’ve been waiting, and they always get a shot off before I can warp away, and this is with a T3 destroyer with Navigation trained to V. I can’t imagine how easy it is to kill Ventures.

Maybe Trigs should also adhere to the Rookie Griefing policy players (are supposed to) adhere to :grin:

If it’s such a big issue, maybe they should make them do much less damage during the first 5-10 seconds of ramping up, but increase the rate after that to compensate so that overall DPS is still intact over 30 or 60 seconds or whatever.

Some of the times when I warped into belts in a frigate on an alt I made, I would be warping out in armor even if I reacted instantly, and that seems just a little bit excessive.

honestly their dps needs to be increased by a minimum of 500% and at least 7-15 warp scramblers in the fleets. Botting needs to be hammerd into submission.

It does, but that just will make it so that no one can do anything.

nonsense. fit your ships properly and dont bot.

Just ignore obvious troll suggestions.

Slap some tank on them and they get away just fine, A t1 fitted venture has enough tank to survive providing you don’t stick around going ‘Maybe I’ll fight them’.
So you might lose a venture the first time, maybe even the second, but after that you should be warping clear with shield damage only. And lets be honest, it’s not like a T1 fitted venture is expensive, you get several free ones from the career agents last I ran them.

This is actually a pretty good suggestion for them.
@CCP_Aurora Tagging you to see this suggestion. Would achieve the same outcomes for anyone fighting them or anyone afk/botting, but without hammering people so fast if they blink for a couple of seconds.

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not sure why using racially offensive old cartoons is appropriate

why is racially offensive?
isn just dr doom riding a monster?

Some people can find offence in anything, there’s a few on the forums who are easily triggered in this way and make themselves readily apparent.

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I completely agree with this thread. I dont live in hs anymore but the trigs often jumped into the belt. Even my porpoise had issues with them. Its high sec, let them make their 4 million an hour venture mining be in peace.