How do I deal with Trigs?

I’ve now lost two ships to trigs while doing Planetary Interaction activities.

Fly up to the customs station, go to planet view, get the stuff straight, try to move stuff to cargo hold but I don’t have one because my ship has been destroyed in the meantime.

How can we fight these things? I’ve heard horror stories of groups of five trigs dropping on battleships and destroying them in seconds.

In my case, I did not have my headphones on due to avoiding wife aggro while trying to take care of Planetary stuff.

It’s like the devs very own Gank squads…

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I have friends that tell me the only way they’ve EVER successfully fought even the groups of three trigs is with drones from a Skiff or Orca.

You can send Commodities up to the Customs Office from anywhere in the system as long as you are in space. You don’t need to sit next to it. This means you can do all of your Planetary Commodity work from right on a station undock. You can quickly dock back of up trouble arrives.

You should really only be spending like 10 seconds at the customs office max, since that’s about as much time you really need to open it, your inventory, drag and drop the goods, and warp out.

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If you’re undocked the Raznaborg fleets will find you unless you’re cloaked or tethered. As mentioned earlier, you can manage your colonies from practically anywhere in New Eden, you only need to be in the same system to build the command center and to import/export to/from the colony. You only need to be at the POCO for the few seconds needed to transfer commodities between the POCO and your ship. If you were anywhere but highsec, the Triglavians would be the least of your worries - other players would be hunting you!


As others have said don’t do PI in space.

Do all PI in station and move materials into launch pads, once you have launch pads full and ready, you can then fly out to the POCO to move items between ship, POCO and launch pads var POCO and cargo windows.

Ideally having more than one launch pad to allow for more stock transfer.

As others note have a cloak and tank to allow you to escape, id add always keep DSCAN up and checked.


Is there any way to actually fight the Trigs? I’ve looked and haven’t found any recommendations other than buying a Rattlesnake…

There are all kinds of fits that can kill them. A passive Gila can even solo a conduit. Sure, you might have to warp out once or twice, but it can do it. I can kill off the first two waves in a Skiff.

I use a Bustard when transferring PI materials from a POCO. The Trigs don’t warp scram in a non-invasion system in high sec, so even if you start taking too much damage, just warp out.

If you lose a battleship to the Trigs, you were 100% AFK in the next town over visiting with your Great Aunt Ethel for 4 hours…

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On top of what others have mentioned, you might want to make sure that you’re fitting a proper tank and that you have your shield/armor/hull alarms set at no more than 95% (apparently, they can sometimes not go off it set higher) and that you don’t have them muted in your settings. I turn down most sounds, but I like being able to hear my alarms.

If you have to hear an alarm, then you are either AFK, or running multiple instances and not paying attention to that one…

Also have a bookmark to warp to for every customs office. Start to aline to your next bookmark, then transfer.

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Well, I multibox, so its definitely helps me keep track of agro switches and if one of my tanks failing. But it also helped me a lot as a new player as well. For example, I remember that in my first fleet fight I was going through my overview trying to select targets to jam, and didn’t even realize I was taking damage till my shield alarm went off.

In my case, the game was muted due to unplanned real-world complications. Everything was clear when I went to planet mode. It wasn’t more than a minute or two when I realized I couldn’t move stuff to the cargo hold of what turned out to be my pod. In fact, they were gone by then. I only found out what happened by looking at the kill report.

The person specifically described testing a build for a Rokh when a group of five trigs popped into the asteroid belt where he was hunting Serpentis. He said they webbed him, jammed his weapons. He said they took him from full shields to half hull in seconds. His tank was active and apparently they easily defeated it. He was finally able to warp away. I know I’ve had a couple close calls with the groups of three. Only thing that saved me both times was they didn’t scramble my warp drive.

So how does one deal with a group of ships that can dampen sensors, disrupt tracking, webify, and drain your capacitor all at the same time? I’ve talked to a couple people and heard a few other discuss the emerging conduits. It sounds like they fly 3B ISK Rattlesnakes with Geko drones. Which tells me nothing about how to deal with them…

I have successfully fought a group of them in a Skiff.

The normal high sec Trig belt patrols do not web or scram. The ones that do that are in Trig Invasion Systems, which you shouldn’t be mining in anyway unless you just want to lose your ship.

If your friend lost a Rokh in a belt, he was more than likely talking about FOB rats, not Trigs. FOB rats are diamond-level rats that will definitely ruin your day. Same with the Trigs, don’t mine in a system that has a FOB present.

Anyway, if you want to mine in relative peace in High Sec and not have to worry about Trig patrols or run away, a tanked Skiff or Orca is about the only choice you have.

Try spending the shortest possible time at the customs station. I do most of my PI stuff whilst still docked. You have to be in space in the system to move stuff between landing zone and POCO, but you don’t have to be anywhere near the planet, so go to a safe well away from anywhere a Trig might go (cloak if you can) and do your POCO transfers. You can then open the relevant POCO access and select the stuff to transfer before you fly to the POCO at zero, immediately transfer to/from your ship, and fly back to the safe. Chances are the Trigs won’t even reallise you’ve arrived before you’ve gone again. Rinse and repeat for each planet.

If you do PI in high sec you do it wrong… :slight_smile:

OOps ! Forgot to mention I’m in J-space… :blush: