Trig fleets in high sec?

Hello, before undocking my orca for the first time in 7 years im wondering if there are still hostile trig fleets in high sec systems or are they gone now? If they are still there, whats the easiest solution to fix my standings to enjoy peaceful travels?

There can be roaming trig fleets if there’s a WH that leads to trig space (T space). I believe to fix trig standings You have to go to trig space and shoot drifters? Not my area of knowledge sadly.

The old scouting trigs are gone from chapter 2. An easy fix would be to stay away from caldari space because of the systems that has fallen there and there’s likely more WH’s to spawn in that space.

Would hate to be shot down in an expensive ship full of ore and whatnot… i’ll go and have a look if i can find any more info on how to easily fix my standings with triglavians. Seems to be the permanent solution.

If players wish to gain postive standings with both EDENCOM and the Triglavians so they can travel through all of hisec without being bothered by them agian, they can do so relatively easily in Pochven, provided they do not already have negative standings. Killing NPC’s in Pochven other than EDENCOM or Traglavian forces will reward the player with a small standing increase with both factions. The easiest method to do so is as follows:

  • Get a relatively cheap cruiser that can tank and deal about 400 damage per second while under neut pressure.
  • Buy a filament that will get you into Pochven (prefferably a “Border-5 ‘Pochven’” filament, as those systems are rather empty, and the filaments are cheap).
  • Buy a filament that will return you to k-space ( for example a Proximity-5 ‘Extraction’ filament).
  • Put these items into your cargo, form a fleet with yourself (or friends) and filament into pochven.
  • Find a fleet of NPC’s (Rogue Drones, Drifters or Sleepers) by using your d-scan, or let them come to you at a celestial like the sun.
  • Kill the biggest ship you are capable of, as standings changes only take into account the largest standing-increase of the past ~20 minutes.
  • Try to warp off to a safespot or a different celestial if you are not pointed by the NPC’s.
  • Wait out your capsuleer agression timer (15 minutes since using the inbound filament). By now, your standings should have updated (if not, wait a few more minutes). If they are not 0.01 or above yet, repeat the process, but if you kill even a single battlecruiser or battleship, you should be at 0.01 already.
  • Use your outbound filament to return to k-space.

Keep in mind that if you want to attempt this method, even though it is relatively easy, you should consider your ship and capsule as lost before jumping in. Keep this in mind when fitting your ship, and don’t make it more expensive then it needs to be! Even if you do die, if you lose less then a hundred million isk, consider it a small price to pay for unrestricted acces to all of high-sec agian.

Thank you Eve Uni and you too Anthony!


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