Returning Player - Pod in Trig space

Hi All,
So just returned to Eve after a several year off and now my home system Otela is in Trig space.
The Devs were nice enough to move my ships back to empire space but they are unable to move the jump clones.
Normally I wouldn’t care but one of the clones happens to have a full set of HG slaves plus full set of hardwired, so I really don’t want to trash it.
Is there a way to increase standing switch Triglavians without destroying Edencom standings so I can freely move around huh sec?
Apart from that what would be the quickest way to grind the required 3.0 standings to use Clone services?

Thanks in advance.

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Here’s a video on how to get dual standings. But getting to 3.0 will take some grinding.

Out of curiosity, where is the clone located?

  • If it’s in a home system, you have a 1 and 3 chance of landing in the correct system by using a home filament. So, that will definitely be faster than trying to grind enough standings to go through home gates (requires 7.0 standings).
  • If it’s in a border system, you have a 1 and 6 chance of landing in the correct system by using a border filament, but you might also consider using a wormhole that connects from known space to pochven.
  • And if it’s in an inner system, then you’ll definitely want to start looking for a wormhole. These wormholes will spawn within 3 jumps of where the system used to be (iirc). I’m pretty sure that they are guarded, but you should be able to slip by with a shuttle or an interceptor.

Anyway, once you get into system and swap clones, you can take an outbound filament or a wormhole to get back to empire space.


Thanks for the guides. Will check them out.
The clone is stuck in Otela.

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Thank you for the quick response.
Will read through the guide, hopefully I have the patience for the grind.

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Well, I think looking for a wormhole would probably be faster, but whatever. Maybe you’ll have some fun in the process. Anyway, EDI sometimes hosts dual standings fleets, so you might want to check them out.


We call the effect of this New EVE “The Great Migration.” This WAS our home. We managed to escape. Now, THIS is our home.

Thanks, EVE!

The fastest solo way is killing sleepers and drifters in a sniping Naga with 15min tact. Pick a base where you have most celestial on scan, create pings 200km from each, pick your targets wisely and go. Takes some practice and you will lose a couple Nagas, but it’s fun. I think I lost 5 Nagas on the grind to +7.

Better to do in groups, because the highest kill per tick is “paid” to everybody who shot an NPC from the faction in system. So if a drifter died, you only need to shoot a sleeper frig to get the drifter tick.

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If you just want your pod out you can use one of the various entry filaments in a rookie ship to get in randomly and if you land in the wrong system self destruct and try again. Once your in the system with your pod you can swap clones, buy a glorification filament for cheap from the market and exit in the rookie ship.

Another way would be to scan down the entry worm hole to that system. A given system has a finite number of places an entry wormhole can come from and there is information available what systems have potential wormholes to Pochven.

Lastly you can grind standings. It all depends what your goal ultimately is. Utilizing Pochven or just rescuing your pod.


Trust me, it only gets worse from there.

tbh there are many other games out there that won’t actively screw their players over to choose over coming back.

Wait so if I’m actually in Otela I can swap clones?
How did that work exactly because I can’t actually jump into the clone I want from empire space due to standings blah blah…
But is there another menu once I get into system and dock up?

Actually that doesn’t work unless you have the standings required to use the clone bay on the NPC station, its unlikely his pod is in a citadel, and clone swapping in station is gated behind a 3.00 trig standing

Yes and no, if the clone is in an NPC station its possible but requires a 3.00 standing with the triglavians to access clone swapping, if its in a citadel then hope you actually still have docking rights as there aren’t many freeports in Pochven anymore

Its not standings related in that error, you can’t jump to a clone inside what is essentially WH space, thats always been the case, you need to be in system in the structure you want to swap clones in

Nope, same menu you just need to clone jump in the station your clone is located in, but again if you don’t have access or the standings required to use the medical facilities its not going to happen


I was under the impression that this was to install a clone, but if the clone was already there that it would perform like any other station except that you can not jump to it from outside of the station.

You can’t even refit your ship in those Dorito stations unless you have standing.

you wouldn’t happen to have that Naga fit by any chance?

You were RvB. Red fed home system fall into trig hands. I need to talk to you about OP because we have already lost so many returners. Please reach out to me in-game. this is RVB discord … you can find other information and contact details here :
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It covers both, you would need a 3.00 standing to do either, the FAQ specifically mentions clone swapping however Triglavian Space – EVE Online

I imagine its probably something along these lines Dual-Standings Fittings - EDENCOM Defense Initiative

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Yeah when I stopped playing the game I left a lot of stuff in Red HQ.
I’m guessing many Red Fed members logging in after a break would experience the same problems.

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Well so many people come back after they heard RvB buzzing … but most of them left with anger before subbing when they see their ships and implants are in null

Have you brought this up with the Devs?
This isn’t a case of a few players getting locked out. RvB was not a small organization, we had many players who would take breaks, then come back for a few months but like you said this is driving many returnees away.
Not great for player retention.