Lost everythng in a system that fell to Trigs? WTF!

I step away from EVE for 1 week and come back to find my lo sec system where I was building up PI and hoping to install a refinery is now 2394456778 jumps away. And under control of Triglavians. How many others have lost their stuff and what to do about it? Can jump freighters access Trig controlled systems?

First of all, I want to preface the following by saying I am in strong opposition to almost the entirety of the Invasion’s mechanics and the introduction of Triglavian space (or at least HOW it was introduced)

On 2020-09-17, CCP posted an article advising all players to evacuate the following systems:

  • Ahtila
  • Angymonne
  • Archee
  • Arvasaras
  • Harva
  • Ichoriya
  • Ignebaener
  • Kaunokka
  • Kino
  • Komo
  • Konola
  • Kuharah
  • Nalvula
  • Nani
  • Niarja
  • Otanuomi
  • Otela
  • Raravoss
  • Sakenta
  • Skarkon
  • Senda
  • Tunudan
  • Urhinichi
  • Vale
  • Wirashoda

While I personally disagree with the ideology behind EVE being the only game in existence where reading patch notes and dev blogs is essentially mandatory, the fact of the matter is that this is the approach CCP has taken: players are expected to read the dev blogs and articles or perish, and this one was posted far in advance. You say you were gone for a week, but that article was posted before then.

You can leave Trig-space to k-space via wormholes. You may require some assistance from other player groups that specialize in “Wormhole Rescues” such as EVE Scout Rescue to pull you and (some of) your assets out of there. You may need to reproc your larger assets that won’t fit through the wormhole and/or you may need to wait for a sufficiently large wormhole to appear and/or you may need to take multiple wormholes to go from T-Space to K-Space.


Shaking my head

In some ways this is even worse than the forsaken fortress patch. Except that now it is to be expected. Business as usual.

ohhh ccp posted
so now its a post reading game?
i understand …but i prefer game paying games
i used to mock people who come here to claim they “lost everything” because of a CCP change
but look at OP … he gave a week pause and the SYSTEM with all this stuff now is in a hell hole NPC paradise away from most of the game
i can relate to that


“NPC stations will always be safe,” they said.


I agree with you completely. In fact, I said this back when Forsaken Fortress was released:

CCP needs to stop making reading patch notes and dev blogs mandatory.


Not only do you have to read dev blogs and announcements, but you also have to be on Discord, Reddit, and these forums for hidden or previews of rules and gameplay changes that will occur. Not to mention they have to do all the above to keep current on any CCP devs clarification of the changes…unless they (CCP)) hamstring you by remaining coy/silent until you make a near irreversible choice in game before revealing a change that greatly penalizes a player who somehow steps out of the information loop for a short time.

CCP needs to step up their email protocol such that more information flows and not just shilling for skins and PLEX.


At least with the Citadel changes they told us exactly what was happening. With Pochven it was just a “Get ready for a surprise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:” followed by “SURPIRSE!! :scream:


CCP told everyone to evacuate.
OP took a 1 week vacation instead of evacuating.
He had the chance, but didnt take it.

It wasnt just the dev blogs, The Scope said the same thing.

Now OP is butthurt.


If you’re not reading the news updates for an MMO you’re probably doing it very wrong




tell me more about it …


lots of salt over 3 command centers and an unfitted epithal … :open_mouth:
must suck when ‘everything’ is about 1 M isk …


Yeah, I had some salt initially as well. But, in all fairness, I would ask the OP to seriously think about the kind of game that is Eve. Something this complex, with as much going on content wise as there is in here. Does it not make sense that you should be reading the dev notes. I was away from the game for over a year. When I came back mid September i spent the better part of a day reading through the dev notes and forums in order to get my head around the changes re. Invasion and mineral redistribution.

An informed player is a better player.

Salt is better saved for my French fries.


How about a guy that was away from the game for over a year to come back 3 days before this happened? I had all of my assets in Otela and no way to evacuate last week without losing 30 billions of isk worth of ships and structures and bluprints. But yes maybe I should have read all the patch note spam.

Maybe I should have not put all of my stuff in a Hi Sec station in teh Forge before logging out for over a year and figure it was safe, Maybe I should have left it in a player owned station because then at least I could get it out of asset safety, but no explain how you would move hi risk items that were in hiset from a system locked down by the triglaves that were podding you . Would you pilot a freighter out of there with 20 billion isk worth of stuff? thats just stupid.

Oh and lets talk about teh mechanics of moving it out of a wormhole, since teh triglaves camp the holes and you cant warp to teh hole since you warp 80 from the hole, tell me how you move 3 freighters and a bowhead out of that, let me just throw 300 bpo’s in a cloaky ship and try and sneak by, maybe I should warp the freighter to the sun and light a filiment and hope it doesnt put me in a nullsec region 30 jumps from lowsec space.

Thanks CCP how about you answer my petition.


In my mind, the bottom line is that this sort of thing is bad for reclaiming players that have been gone for a while. It is bad for the long-term health of Eve. Whether or not it is fair? Yeah, it is fair. CCP makes the rules, so they can do whatever they want.


i love petitions


I had contracted all of my items that were stuck in those systems. I think you can do the same they shouldn’t be all lost, you need to just contract them.

Screw email. There need to be a popup on log in that you have to acknowledge as read. After that no one has any excuse. They can have a popup for the stupid trig arena stuff, but not game huge upending changes?!?!?


yes that sucks … ccp does not remove idle players , and never has . it’s one thing if they scrubbed accounts after 1 year or w/ever , but a big selling point has always been ‘come back , your stuff is still here’…
sit tight , logistics will be figured out if there’s isk to be made …


No, i get it. The whole reason that i came back after my year + sabbatical onto Eve at the end of September was reading on a third party website about the fall of Niarja.

Niarja was my easy halfway link between my mission runner in Domain and my Forge industrialist. Not billions lost as you did , but close to 1B in ore,minerals and easy liquidity in NPC holding. Yes I was pissed. No, I had no immediate remedy or transport solution to get it out. And yes, I saw the “leaked” dev note memory dump regarding those systems going “offline” into Trig space.

But again, I stepped away for a year+. My choice. Also my choice to come back when I got the bad news. Guess being an older player than average I am a little more circumspect bout the whole thing.

Eve Industry/Mining was and still is my zen. CCP time and time again attempts to mess with my zen. I respond by shifting my stance, digging back in and continuing doing what i do.