Returning Vet - Assets inaccessible - Trig Space

I’ve been sent to Trig controlled space by mission agents and some involved delivering items to or picking up items from stations within that system. I am wondering why that’s the case, except maybe as a reminder that EVE is supposed to be dangerous and interstellar matters like the Trig invasion add to that danger.

Still I hope you get your stuff back.

What system, OP?

It can be done.

You need to get positive standings with Trigs, then you can dock, you can then use filaments to jump into and out of Trig space, or use WH’s to get in and out

This is why CCP did not help you above more than one ship

If you want advice contact me in game. I sent you a mail in game with some details, I hope that helps.


Unfortunatly I have no experience myself but when researching Pochven found this article interesting , hope its of some help

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Don’t want to disclose the location at this time. My post was a combination of “has anyone else experienced my scenario” and “how can I get my stuff back”

Thanks for the reply. I’ll reply to your in-game mail. As I have some questions.

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Well, it depends on the system, which is why I’m asking. The type of filament you have to use depends on where you want to go, so I can’t recommend a course of action until that is known.

Good call. Drac’s the best. Ignore the rest.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

It’s a Border system. My issue with the filaments is that they randomly drop you in one of the 6. Is there a way to target a specific one? Or do you have to take your chances via wormholes?

You can just filament-hop until you get to where you want to be. You might get lucky, or it might take a few hours.

Wormholes wouldn’t be practical because of the guards and potential player intervention.

Thank you !

Welcome back!

Yes, here are similar threads to yours, ranging from “I’m stuck in Trig space” to “I’m stuck in Trig station” to “my stuff is stuck in Trig stations”:

(The forum search function is actually a pretty decent tool)

Umm… wait… If it is really a trig minor victory system he can just go there with a bloody shuttle. Dock undock with his big stuff and go to the next and leave the system.

Why are we talking about Povchen space?

Good point, he did say that, I assumed that he was talking about Pochven, -1 for reading and comprehension on my part here. I will ask him what system.

Thank you !

Thank you for your reply. This is part of the reason for my post. I have tried to read up on Trig stuff. But obviously, did not understand that this option was available. So, I will try this approach. This is what I get for being away from the game for so long!! - 10 for me being uninformed.

Thanks again

As an officer of Kybernauts, i believe we may be able to help you. We’ve lived in Pochven since its creation, and as such, Triglavian minor victory systems wont be much of a hassle. If you will send Nicholas Kondur a message in game, ill get with you after work and see if we cant help you out.

N. Kondur

P.S. Alternatively, you can message PJxSlain in game as well, who is a good friend and will likel be on before myself

Send me an eve praisal of everything you have I might buy it so you can by some of it in jita


CCP says **** you you ****ing ****.

But we all feel this way right now sooooo…

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