Got a ship stuck in Trig space. What do?

I just started playing again about a month ago after a multi year break, and had no idea what was going on with this triglavian thing. Today I logged in to find that an entire chunk of space is now owned by this group and I have a ship now trapped in Otela. I asked in the Help chat about what was going on, and they said it’s basically there forever and that I should have heeded “the warnings” that were put out about removing anything in that region of space.

I never saw any sort of warning anywhere. I don’t follow social media, and I didn’t see anything in game about it either. Maybe I just missed it? Doesn’t matter now.

So how the hell do I get my ship back?

Pop it and start over again back outside in KSpace.

You buy a 10,000 isk filament from the station. Undock and activate it. I’m not sure how that will work with the massive cloud of trigs surrounding all the stations . . . maybe try it on the Singularity test server first.


If your clone was moved but your assets are still in Otela, you have a long Standings grind ahead of you until you can use the gates leading to Pochven. Even then, those systems are now essentially wormholes with limited gate connections. Once you can dock at a Triglavian-owned station, I believe you can purchase the filament to create an exit to known space, but that system could dump you anywhere in the cluster.

I’ve seen people simply contract their belongings in the hope that Kybernauts (players who helped the Triglavians conquer these systems) would scoop them up. Might be the fastest and least costly option.


Yes, Contract all of those items to Princess Aiko.

just give up
it’s not worth it

I’m personally giving it a week or two and seeing if Red Frog opens up a P-space service.

Her, James, and the entirety of CODE can die in a fire.


Every single day, baby! And then we are reborn in a fresh clone, complete with -10.0 security status. :slight_smile:

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With which you should be banned to low or nullsec. But the breathing std that is known as code is not what this thread is about.


But I like C.O.D.E. Their not stupid enough to screw with me.

How expensive is the ship? Is it the only ship you own? Sell/contract it?

Based on your daily gameplay routine you described, it sounds like you are fully code-compliant anyway.

Just leroy jenkins it!

There is nothing to Leeroy Jenkin - everything is locked. There is no way out except to use the filament.

Ah, well they podded me when I was trying to sneak through one of the system being attacked. Thought I read you return to your home system when dead.

An A+ for effort! :smiley:

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Same here, but semi-deliberate. I had some (cheap) assets in Skarkon and installed a Jump Clone a few days ago to see if that would buy me access. Tried jumping to it yesterday. UI says I require 3.0 standings with Trigs (I have like 0.09). Yeah I’m not going to grind that out. Perhaps make a contract and cut your losses?

Since you never interacted with Trigs at all, your standing isn’t low enough to prevent you from docking. So theoretically, you could just stay! Or buy the 10k ISK filament to get out. Just make sure to warp to a save spot first before activating.

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