Stuff lost in Trigvlavian Space


i haven’t played for a couple of years. I used to have a little mining operation, but the system where i basicly had all my assets is now Trigvalian space. Is there any possibility to get my stuff back (mostly minerals, ships and drones)? Or is it possible to sell them?

If you don’t want to raise trig standings, there are some that live there that can potentially help you. @Solstice_Projekt perhaps can assist you.

Stupid question… but how do i raise my standing with the trig? i haven’t found anything…

You are not the first, a couple of threads here in the forum already cover the topic. Please use the search function. Keyword: Povchen

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If you are in the system scan a wormhole and take your stuff through it, you can check out:

To see which systems are connected to your trig system and where a good exit/entry will be for you, it should be close to where it originated from.

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Depends on what stuff you have. I was in a similar situation to you a few days ago, but I scanned my way into the system where my characters were via a wormhole and extracted them via that. I thankfully had already evacd my bulky stuff prior to the change over. The guide above is pretty good, I wish I had found it before I started scanning.

If you have some bulky stuff, probably a BR will be the way to go.

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