Stuck in Triglavian system


Long story short. I’m noob and recived some old account from my friend. I’ve made some noob research. The only char on this acc has round 12.000.000 SP and four +5 implants.

The problem is the system I’m in. It’s Komo in Triglavian space. Looks like -1.0 security status is danger for me. Only ship i have is corvette without weapons etc.

I’m afraid to dock out but even if i decide to i cannot set destination to safe systems - it notice me: no gate-to-gate route. How to get out frome here? How to find way to highsec? Someone told me to explode but i don’t wanna to lose implants.

Please help.

This is against TOS btw.

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You either have to get a filament to jump out of triglavian space or scan down a wormhole that leads to known space.

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You’re not allowed to share or sell accounts.

Leave that character be for now, start a fresh alpha account and learn the game, try many different play styles till you figured out what you want to be doing.

Then go do that, I would suggest to not main or use that other character because if for whatever reason your friend wants to come back, tries to log in and finds he can’t and contacts support, your days are numbered.

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Just explode and lost the implants. Start fresh in a bittersweet journey in eve online. Btw you can juice the skill of that character using skill extractor and dump that character in the biomass or just leave it alone. But first create a new account and contract the skill you extract to your new character in the new account.

Hi, I will refer only to question of getting out of Pochven region (Triglavian space). You say you are docked in station. I believe that you should be able to buy there an “outgoing” filament that will jump you out into high-sec or low-sec system. Just make sure not to undock from station cus you will not be able to dock back.

12m SP, that’s about 7 months of skilling in omega state.

To learn how to play from the start in Highsec, I recommend a completely new char (just one of the empty slots after login), there you don’t lose much and get a feeling, also for Triglavian space. After a while you know what to do with the other char.
I presume the old char has some handy ISK, btw…

Thank you all for answers. Looks like Eve comunity is very helpfull :slight_smile:

What is exact name of this “outgoing filament”? How to use it?

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Can’t check in-game now but I believe it should be this one: Glorification-1 ‘Devana’ Filament

It looks like it is seeded in all Triglavian stations in Pochven and is cheap.

Yep. That one.
It throwed me somewhere in low sec but after some trip I’m finally in highsec. Now I only need 47 jumps to reach tutorial system.

Thank you very much Ezra :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. If you get exploded in low-sec, just make sure to warp away your capsule so you don’t lose your implants. Check this site to see if there are smartbomb gate camps that can blow you up.

Im fine. Thank you.

LOL, sorry bro

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