Old player returning - Stuck in system


So I just returned back to EVE online, after a long break.
Only to find myself in this system:

Ichoriya -1.0
And I cannot get back to high sec. - When ever I try and set a coordinate, I get “No gate-to-gate”.
Any idea on how I’m gonna come back? Don’t even recall flying out here.

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

Not sure but I think you got yourself in a triglavian invaded system( some new race that claimed lots of new Eden systems) look for “triglavian invasion” in forums to.learn more about. Think you can only exit to normal space using a specific filament, or contacting some corps that live in those areas.

Yeah - It says something about Triglavian system.
Now that sucks :slight_smile:
But thanks!

Welcome back!

Triglavians conquered 27 mostly highsec some lowsec systems and disconnected them from New Eden gate network to form an own wormhole like region.

Moving out and in only via filaments or wormholes, travel within only if you have sufficient standing with Triglavian faction.

A lot of info and help here on the forum. Not all lost :slight_smile:

The short answer is Ichoriya was moved out of the empire gate network and is now accessible via filaments (magical teleport things that move 1-25 ships to designated types of space) or via wormholes.

Every system that was moved in this way forms a new region of space known as Pochven. Each Pochven system has a single wormhole that is likely to connect to normal space (also known as K-Space), as it links within 3 jumps of the system’s prior location in the empire gate network - some of the Pochven systems were close enough that it can end up being a Pochven-to-Pochven wormhole, however, so it isn’t a guaranteed escape.

Getting out is easiest done via exit filaments - and then you’ll want to look at the [EM] Pochven Entry Manual for ideas on setting up return routes to get back and move anything beyond your first shipload of stuff, or consider selling it all in Pochven and starting over in other areas of space.


Currently you can use the event filaments to jump out. You likely got some as login rewards during the 13 days of Nexus.
DSHR-01H, DNCR-05H, PRNCR-10H filaments. You will need to set your safety yellow, and be in a fleet yourself to activate the 05 & 10 ones. You might also need to set yourself a bookmark in space, you cannot activate within 1000km of a station or gate.

Other options are to jump clone out (if you have one) or set your medical clone (your Home Station) to somewhere else and get out that way. Your stuff won’t go with you…

See “Remote Installing Clones”:

Nope, jump clones only work as clone switch in same station. Wormhole rules apply. You can death clone of course to your medical clone (self-destruct).

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