Stuck in Ichoriya

i have been stuck in triglavian space for over 1 year now. ccp cant help me get out from here.

what should i do ?

i have a very expensive implants

Have a friend or an alt bring you a return filament is probably the easiest way. If you’re a forever alone type, you can use an alpha alt. Not sure if you need standings to create contracts, but you could jettison the filament at an unaligned safe, and then share the bookmark with your main via an access list.

If you were on a break and in system when it became triglaven space you can file a support ticket as “stuck character”.

Explain your situation and a GM should move you and ONE ship to the high sec system of your choice.

I had to do the same thing when I returned.

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What is the problem?

Are you saying your character is stuck in Pochven? Or is the issue that your expensive implants are stuck in Pochven?

To get your character out of any of the systems in Pochven (Ichoriya is part of Pochven) you can simply take a filament.

Buy a “Glorification-1 ‘Devana’ Filament” from the market, which I think is sold in any of the stations in Pochven, or get any of the other outbound filaments like:

  • Glorification-5 ‘Devana’ Filament
  • Glorification-15 ‘Devana’ Filament
  • Proximity-5 ‘Extraction’ Filament
  • Proximity-15 ‘Extraction’ Filament

There are many different filaments that can teleport you to other parts of space and the few above will allow you to get out of Triglavian space.


  1. take a ship,
  2. put the filament in your inventory
  3. set your safeties to yellow (or red),
  4. warp to some planet, asteroid belt or sun, (away from structures)
  5. activate filament
  6. you are now no longer stuck in Ichoriya

If you were in the clone with expensive implants, your problem is now solved.

If, however, your clone with expensive implants is inside the station in Ichoriya and you are in a different clone, you can only swap back to that clone once you get 3+ standings to the Triglavians, which is going to take a lot more time to get. Luckily the implants are safe for now, but you’ll have to put in some effort in order to access them.

In that case, I recommend you read up on Pochven and start gaining reputation with the Triglavians. I think shooting rogue drones around there can give you standing, but there are probably better guides to gain reputation fast with the trigs.


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