[EM] Pochven Entry Manual

Esteemed capsuleers, representatives of EDENCOM and interested tribal and national parties;

We are happy to present for the public the Electus Matari Pochven Entry Manual.

This guide is to show people how they can get in and raid the space. As part of this, it covers the impact connections to Pochven have in other parts of space, and in particular Caldari space. It is intended as both a practical reference guide and as information to base strategy on. The selection of staging areas for effective operations is strongly reliant on the qualities of the proximal areas to each triglavian-invaded system.

There is a printable version of the guide linked within, as well as several indexes of data, including a raw data file that contains the relevant information about the systems & their connections for those who want to crunch some numbers themselves.

We hope this guide will shed light on the techniques and technologies around entering Pochven and to highlight the impact it has on other areas of space.

Elsebeth Rhiannon & Debes Sparre
Electus Matari


Nice, good info!

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Respected Elsebeth Rhiannon
Respected Debes Sparre

A very comendable piece of work! Someone involved in exploration can imagine the amount of time and effort necessary to base this proposed model on solid data. I would appreciate to learn a bit more about the fiedwork behind the manual!

ARC is already making good use of the data, so thank you very much for sharing your results. We will notify you about our experience with the manual.


Haria Haritimado


Always a pleasure to see such hard work becoming something beautiful and useful.

Thank you.

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Some great intel here. Now if EDENCOM baseline leadership gets off their asses and contacts us we might be able to do something. I’d even be willing to lead another support wing into Harva again if there’s an active combat wing to support.


Wow, this is really impressive!


I only wanted to add that its great to see where people are safe now, thanks to massive EDENCOM and EM effort. Even when trigs doesnt seem to acknowledge that they lost.

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Solid work. Thank you.

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Super handy. I see a lot of work went into it.

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This is an incredible, high-quality document. Lots of love, sweat, and labor went into this, thank you very much for releasing it; I will definitely be keeping this in my back pocket!

A small thing that may be worth noting is that in addition to dedicated exit filaments, widely-available needlejack filaments also allow for exit from Pochven to k-space nullsec. Unless the Triglavians messed with those, of course.

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Great job! Putting all of that info in one place is really useful to the community!

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Well done indeed. :slight_smile:

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As long as you mention and link to the original, we have no objections to translations to local languages. We might be willing to host translations too, but I cannot guarantee that at this point. Please let us know about any translations or other derivative work.

(( This is an in-universe forum but I ask ISD to leave the question and this answer, as they can be taken completely as in-universe if you just imagine “japanese” as some local planetary language. ))


Thanks you answer.

I eagerly await the Pochven Exit Manual too :slight_smile:

Take an exit filament. (Probably want to carry one always when you go in. Even if you can use markets, not all systems have stations.)


/// Data download complete

Electus Matari representative Elsebeth Rhiannon & representative Debes Sparre,

My regards on such a well organised and thorough work, with such intelligence great gains will be made in Pochven, While also highlighting the strategic ramifications of the regions connected to it.

Most Impressive,

Jurok Harr

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