Into Pochven

Hey there. As we all know a few weeks ago the new region Pochven was created. I’m very interested in venturing into Pochven to check out what it’s like inside there and from what I have read it sounds really cool. If you have ventured to Pochven, I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience in there. Screenshots would be very nice too. Thanks.

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Come check it out yourself, just one filament jump away.

I can jump back out to exactly where I came from?

No, but you can jump out with an outgoing filament to either any minor victory or a system in proximity of old position.

If you like wormholes, you will like it probably.

Don’t really like whs tbh:). I just want to venture into it to see the new environment and stations and stuff. Not planning to do anything long-term in there. Kinda like a tour inside just to get to know the place. Then return to kspace to blow up more frigs

You can visit one system only anyway without standing to access the gates.

If it has station and stuff exclusive to Pochven then I won’t mind

Not all systems have stations but indeed the scenery is beautiful around the sun, anomalies and wormholes. Especially nice are the home ore fields in the corners of the triangle region.

I NEED MY STATIONS!! I’m not gonna stop travelling in there until I find a few stations.

They have anomalies? As in the normal combat, data and relic sites?

I’ll be hoping to jump into one of those systems then. Are there ores there to mine?

The systems retain in stations what was there before. Trigs just put their flag on it.

Special anomalies in Povchen, combat and mining. Combat types against trigs, edencom, sleepers and drones. Mining sites contain trig ore, spodumain … and … in the home fields Mercoxit.

The sigs are all wormholes, either to drone land nullsec (drones), high/low (edencom) or j-space (sleepers/drifters). Technically they are combat sites too.

From the home systems only Kino has stations.

I hope you will share your impression with us someday. :framed_picture:

Wait you can use wh to get into Pochven? Thought it was filament only to get in without standings?

Yes you can. Standings are only needed when you move from a Pochven system to another Pochven system. You don’t need standings from kspace to Pochven, applies to both filaments and wormholes

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So for those who have experience on Pochven, I would like to ask about the combat sites there. How tough are they? What ships are needed and what are the rewards?

Having scanned down quite a lot of WH, never seen any they would say seem to lead to Pochven, Trig space, whatever (just unknown, null, low, high as usual). Are they anyhow different, designated, only spawn in certain systems, or…?

I’m pretty sure whs that lead to Pochven spawn everywhere including inside jspace

Spawn only in certain systems is the correct answer here. Btw, the scheme is completely deciphered :slight_smile: Looking around here in the forum or google will lead you to it.

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The wormholes that lead directly into pochven spawn in range of 3 jumps to then final liminality systems, considering the state when they were still connected to high sec. Now you cant see it on starmap, as CCP removed those connections. Also cant see the Pochven space systems in starmap using filters. There is a method to see systems by using show on map option for Pochven region.


So, will it be right to consider systems which have disrupted gates in them as borderline ones in this sense to identify the 3-jump-wide belt where said WH spawn?