This pochven thing?

Bit of a simple question really. I wanted to make myself a bit friendlier to these guys by finding some rogue drones in pochven and wrecking them for a bit. Now im one of those players who wasnt a part of the trigs v edencom system flip thing so neither faction exists in my standings. So i grab a ship, grab a trig space filament and activate it. Now im in trig space with a standing of nothing in a dead system with so far only 4 trig ships and 1 edencom anomaly in existance (in terms of fighting options).

Have been flying around for close to 2 hours now (i started a while before dt), still its a dead system, i cant take gates to go anywhere else. What am i supposed to do in here? do i have to just cruise around and wait for ?? hours untill something I can do may or may not spawn, is there fixed timers for stuff? Dont mind a bit if i have to encounter other players in a drone site just staring at a wall of mining sites and a dscan consisting of 4 trig ships and nothing else is a bit underwhelming

I guess a secondary question is if the trig space npcs fall under yet another specialty category and i simply do not have things properly configured to scan them?

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Bad luck, roll the dice again. Means filament out and in again to land in a different system. It‘s like everywhere sigs and sites are not evenly distributed. Eventually you will find something to shoot/kill.

Ahh, forgot, the NPCs are new types, maybe you have to check your overview for sleepers/drifters/drones not ticked. They appear on dscan like diamond rats and can be probed.

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i ticked a bunch but not all of them on the overview settings, i’ll just go back in and tick all the things. I have other tabs I use when im not hunting a specific npc, which is not something i typically do anyway so it really doesnt matter if i trash a tabs settings

also going to stock up a on a bunch of filaments so i can spam them till i get lucky

thanks for the tips!

Aside from the sigs…

There are roaming fleets as well that you need to dscan and probe out and engage. As they warp around to.

it was the roaming packs i was aiming for, i arrived into a completely dead system but i took the advice of leaving and trying again, found a system with a TON of drones. Got to practice some dscanning and very quickly found them which was especially rewarding

Glad you found them and are on your way to improving your standings.

The random “Pochven filament roll” is one of the mechanics that’s currently discouraging some typical forms of game play. If for instance, you have a number of casual alts that you do various things on, in various areas, you now have to roll the Pochven dice on any alts that travel high sec.

It’s probably a worthwhile thing to do if you’re not a casual player. If they’re not overly dedicated to EVE, people seem more likely to reduce their playtime or leave for a game that offers a better experience.

The numbers seem to indicate that more people are ‘winning EVE’ lately. All part of CCP’s glorious master plan, I’m sure.

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Welcome to the new PVE experience that will be rolled out to null sec and other areas in the near future.

You can push up your standings to get gate access? How about that?? Reaching 3.0 is not that hard, it took me 5 evenings from 0. Also filaments can take 5 or 15 people together, so if you insist on rolling with your army of alts, there you go.

NPCs in Povchen will always be on celestials, or anomalies. Never in free space (unless bugged). Which is unlike kspace.

You’re rather missing the point. I don’t want to explore Pochven. I have no interest in engaging Trig content since it became clear that CCP was just using the Trig invasion as an excuse to destroy player assets in high sec.

I generally play one character at a time, for certain activities, two. So your solution to “I want to ignore the trigs” is “just take each of your pilots into trig space for several evenings to gain standings”.

So basically, “spend time and money engaging with content you’re completely uninterested in, so that you can spend less time engaging with content you’re completely uninterested in”. It could be you’re not seeing the forest because of all the trees in the way.


Then stop complaining if you don’t care.

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ask for one of the guys who participated in the invasion
i heard all 5 of them are very active

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The game is really just in a state of post-modernism. Nothing really matters. CCP didn’t really think ahead at all.

They introduced a short term idea that had eternal consequences which can only be slightly modified after doing way more work than its worth on one side and they just left the other half of it with literally nothing.

They just didn’t use common sense or basic logic in its most rudimentary form. Nor do they ever.

It’s as if you were the one who fails at looking at the long term …
… and thus instead believe they only look at the short term.


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