Who is operating in Trig Space and what are you doing?

Seems most players are underwhelmed by the new space, but I’d assume at least some players like it or try to do something with it. How do you utilize that space?

Today I finally got a scout in one of the systems and have been observing a gate for the last two hours. During that time, almost nothing happened. A total of three players came through, all in scout frigs and all belonged to wh corps or nullsec corps, so probably people who got their standing by using the exploit. No real Trig player to be seen anywhere. Where are you guys? Shouldn’t there be hundreds of you? Or do you not actually like the nullsec you helped establish and are still hiding in hisec?

And not a single proper ship anywhere in space doing anything. Only thing happening is that once in a while a npc fleet warps in, and then another nps fleet comes and they kill each other. Right now I’m watching trig npcs fighting sleepers.

Potentially I think the new space is awesome, because it’s a hybrid of nullsec and wormhole space. But the mechanics as they are now seem to ensure that there will never be enough players there to make it worthwile, because almost nobody can use the gates. Without the recent exploit, I wouldn’t have seen a single other player there today.

Even if you grinded enough standing on your main… how are you supposed to get the necessary standing on all your scan and logistics alts?






I could go on, but what for?

Your whole pots is extremely generalizing for someone who has been to exactly ONE system …
… meaning you have absolutely no ■■■■■■■ clue what’s actually going on inside any of them …
… except for this one system, which you’re definitely not monitoring 24h a day.

Your post is bad and you should feel bad.

If you want to know what’s going on in a system where people actually do something …
… then good luck finding …
… getting into …
… and staying in Raravoss. :slight_smile:


I just checked zkill - looks like a complete blood bath in Raravoss — 5 ships destroyed today so far.

Watching npcs fight each other is the new eve?


Well …

If your apparently already narrow minded view of the world …
… is restricted to this as a measure of activity …
… then you’re, of course, absolutely right in saying that there’s nothing going on in there at all! :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll just leave it at that, because what’s the point in trying anyway. :slight_smile:

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Still interested in serious replies. For starters, how do you even get standing now that the drone thing does not work anymore and is banned?

the biggest NPC battles of any mmo
now with less TiDi

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Mine was a serious reply.

Your whole post is based on what you’ve seen in one single system …
… and you’re treating your experience in it as if it was extrapolatable onto all the others.

To get standings outside of TrigSpace, you shoot EDENCOM ships.

In Raravoss there’s a group that started setting up structures …
… taking down POCOs to replace them with their own …
… and is seeding the market.

They’re running a thing in there and are setting themselves up for when more people are coming. I haven’t checked in the last two days, but I must assume they’re still going strong. As an outsider it’s not particularly easy finding the right hole and actually getting inside.

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Yeah because I can only enter one system, that’s why I made the thread. With only 27 new systems, the first addition of ‘new’ space to the game in many years, you’d expect that there would be a lot going on in all of them.

This seems like a troll post. There is way more activity in the systems I have observed than almost any nullsec system. I have seen a lot of T3 cruisers as well as a bunch of other stuff, including a marauder. There was even a bubbled station camp.

These are very early days, everybody is trying to figure out the mechanics and build themselves up for the future. Based on what I have seen, this new region is going to be very active. People need time to move in.


You’re not wrong. One would have thought that more people had the foresight to at least plant alts in any of these systems. There’s thousands of people but only 27 systems, yet there doesn’t seem that much of activity.

Of course, I can’t speak for all of them. My eyes currently only reach two ends of the extremes, but I’m sure there’s other people like those in Raravoss, just like there’s other systems which are as dead as the one you describe.

You should have a look at the thread where people are complaining about this. It kind of also explains why systems are rather empty. Ignoring that many people might simply not talk (it’s delayed local) it seems that most people really did not have the foresight to just plant an alt in any of these systems …

… and of course a part of those, who did, have left the place because they didn’t want to put any effort into actually getting anything done.

What I particularly like about the silence is that those, who are actually trying to achieve something, will definitely not talk about it until they’re fully set-up and ready. Like … I’m only ever talking about these others guys, but I sure as ■■■■ am not talking about what we are doing in our system.

That’s just not something one should do! :smiley:

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That’s encouraging!
How many systems do your eyes cover?

I’ll bet there are thousands of scout alts in here. But, as it happened, a scout alt isn’t very useful. All of us that failed to gain Trig standing are just standing around with our pants down.

It was two. Today it is one. Tomorrow I am jumping out. There is nothing I can do here without Trig standing, and no palatable way for me to get Trig standing.

I didn’t get any standing because only a fanatic, patriot or some other kind of fool fights for a cause when he doesn’t know what his reward will be eventually ^^

And as it stands, I still don’t know whether having negative standing with Edencom and the travel restrictions that come with it is worth it. Maybe t-space will be a complete dud and nobody will be there in three months.

Anyway, if I wanted to gain standing… I heard that trig players had to grind hundreds of hours just to gain the bare minimum standing required to use the gates. That still true?


Funny to read this as the days before the change it was a fleet gate camping because hisec were connected.

/Also adding Border-5 ‘Pochven’ Filament where do we get these from?

I am sitting in Jita wanting to build a throw away Navy Hookbill (purchased 3) and want to just fly dangerously in there after watching a twitch stream.

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Kill Edencom ships in Edencom systems.

I have an alt logged in Niarja for a long long time. FIgure maybe during holidays when I’m getting time off from my 50+ hours work weeks I’ll log in so I can get blasted back to k-space.

As for use. Well, if this was done say in 2014, instead of bending the knee to the null bloc overlords and not changing anything, then it would have been an epic smorgasbord of anticipation and nerdgasms.

But the “Big Meh” has for the most part driven off the kind of people who made a huge deal about incursions and long replaced them with krabs. Maybe the new content is “Krab-busting” content, but when you have mostly krabs and “ISK Uber Alles” neurotics then all the new game-flipping content in the world is only met by people clicking and clacking on calculators and griping about making .001 ISK less per hour, or, Heaven forbid, having to work a little harder for something they already feel entitled to.

Good effort though. At least this new stuff didn’t do to pro-antagonist players what incursions did - which was a kick in the teeth mainly. People wanted to side with Sansha and got shafted. At least now they get something more than “here’s more stuff to min-max and farm mindlessly”.

Storyline itself is great too and I regret there are no more Eve novels or chronicles. Remember those? They were fantastic.

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Thats the only way these days? Killing sleepers/drones/etc in trig space does not work?

It does, but to do that you need to have come prepared i.e. without standings already movement between trig systems is not possible, and the drifters/drones/et al are not your usual k-space npcs… I have seen reports of a fleet with 9 guardians having to withdraw as they couldn’t tank the dmg, good times! :slight_smile:


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RE: what is happening in Pochven, this doc is surprisingly good and helpful for knowing what is happening there: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M9G0VcoX4TpaSWY-XFWwUv0OIeHG83UboeD74X4k-_8/edit?usp=sharing

Bookmark it.

La seule oeuvre que j’ai trouvé sur les details de pochven est trouvé ici: