Pro-Triglavians should not be able to enter Edencom Fortress systems

Currently if you want to use Triglavian gates, you need high-standing towards Pro-Trigs.

If it has not yet been implemented, then same thing should naturally go with Pro-Trig players and the stargates to Edencom Fortress systems should be permanently closed to them. This way they will be forced on new routes and have portions of space removed from them, just like Pro-Edencom people suffer from movement with Liminalities and minor victories.

It is grossly unfair if CCP panders to one side of the conflict, especially in light of the oft repeated mantra “Actions have consequences”.


They should not be able to dock in any NPC station. They should not be able to use any NPC market, cloning service, repair facility or any other NPC provided amenities. They should not have a medical cloning fallback option in their school station. They are invaders and invader supporting characters and should be treated like that.

But we are talking about CCP here and they have neither the guts nor the competence to do things thoroughly and logically.

“Actions have consequences” - This used to be CCP’s prime motive for talking about capsuleer activities. That’s no more.


The bitterness is strong in these ones.


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That’s in Trig space.

So, in conclusion, no glorious Trig vs Edencom grandiose finale, no Zenith ? Edencom gets shafted and locked out of most Trig content with nothing in return ? Yes, you can find a wormhole, where there will probably be a pvp fleet waiting for Edencom pilots (they only have to check 27 systems for holes and prepare), and even when there isn’t, an Edencom pilot can’t take any gates inside. Or am I missing the point entirely ?

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Triglavians use ISK.

No. Like no. WTF CCP.

Economic diploma obviously bought and obtained online.

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and whot did you expect us to be pay ?

Almost like it was a whole set up in the first place.

Im sure I wasnt the first to say it, but there wasnt going to be any stopping CCP setting up their new Trig Starter Area. All that remains now is the icing of how they will spin getting to start there.

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i like wen people request things for them
i dislike wen people request less things for others

Sigh . . . I left my alt in a final liminality system without a probe launcher :disappointed_relieved:

Self destruct

Is that what this whole Trigalvian thing is, just a huge middle finger? Why would the gates be locked based on standing? How does that help gameplay? What a bizarre game design choice.


Blame Canada?


I wonder if some group will take over trig space and farm it. The only people that could ever really attack you would be the people with significantly positive Trig standings.


the worst content since i started to play the game imo


I am kind-of sad right now. I let myself get excited about Trig space. I was even thinking about moving all my ganking alts out there and laying down some real pain on the Orca fleets . . . but the entire constellation is basically locked down . . . It would easier to gank people in NPC null than in Trig space.



The only thing that isn’t safe about it is the delayed local. Other than that, it is 27 systems of fertile, walled-off prime farmland.

On second thought, the delayed local will get rid of the perpetual afk cloaky alt problem farmers always have.


Sounds like some of our more rabid pvpers should move in and find some juicy targets…but they very likely will not do so.