Triglavian or Edencom, Long term benefits or consequences?

Been out of the game for months and just getting back. Are there any known long-term benefits or consequences to choosing to side with either Triglavian or Edencom?

They won’t confirm whether the effects of the invasion are permanent or not.

:red_circle: No one knows because not even CCP knows what they want to do with that garbage feature.

However, if you join Edencom, you have nearly no benefits besides keeping systems high sec and accessible for all humans, and you get mining boosts.
If you join Triglavians, you get unusable null sec systems, weird quasi low sec systems in their Minor Victories because the trigs spam every possible celestial with their fleets, but other than that not a single consequence. The Empires ignore completely that you side with the Triglavians and you are neither being hunted as an invader nor are you barred from docking in their stations.

Unless you want to keep high sec as it is, siding with the Trig Shits is the more attractive option because you can create chaos at will and are in league with genocidal maniacs.


There are only negative effects for Edencom. Trig allies can easily zoom thru fortresses as Edencom has no fleets on the gates (that I have ever seen). Pro-edencom players can’t touch kybernauts because CONCORD will defend the traitors. Kybernauts get no standing hit at all. Might as well remove the standing hit for FW too while they’re at it (the fear of losing Jita access makes recruitment lopsided anyway). On the otherhand, trig systems are camped perpetually by both NPC’s and players and become effectively no man’s land. Edencom gets useless ships that nobody in their right mind would undock. Trigs give awesome ships everyone wants to fly. Even in so-called minor Edencom victory systems trigs still have roaming fleets that will camp gates, attack miners in belts and drop in on data/relic sites (making them pointless). Not sure if they interfere with agent missions or not or if they still camp stations. Not much of a victory as that’s not even the status quo.

Room temp IQ really, I don’t think you realize from a gameplay standpoint Edencom literally cyno jam any and all low sec systems. Which is far worse then any fake null sec.

The benefits of joining The Triglavian Community:

  • fly with excellent FCs, learn a lot about game mechanics
  • fly with excellent and helpful people, willing to take time to help you become a better player
  • have nicely organized ganking fleets to remove all those silly overly expensive EDI ships
  • be bridged by a Titan once in a while
  • follow the flow of Viraj, change the map forever
  • make Steve not shoot you
  • say Nice and UwU on 69% ticks
  • dim suns that are too bright, so that hungover people have an easier morning

The “benefits” of joining EDI:

  • produce lots of salt, you will never need to buy it in store
  • (plenty of cool people on EDI side as well, but they don’t like triangles so :P)
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Um, not really. Examples: Jark, Sasta. Heavy GunStars and a large fleets on gates.

LOL, you have not been in Amarr space in fortress system?

Fact is Orcas that deploy the Gunstars are bugged outside Amarr space. CCP probably will not fix that before invasions are over. But Amarr space is protected. I looted many Millions of Isk worth of stuff from the wrecks of pro-triglavians. :moneybag:

Also dont listen to trig propaganda, EDENCOM lately have the best SRP I have ever seen. Verum is an nice guy and we salvage a lot.
The coms you have to experience to know what actual battlefield grade SNAFU means. We have fun. :wink:

Trigs were infighting recently because they were not paid.

So not knowing PVE. I have positive to trigs… negative to Edencom. Wanted to test if they are as aggressive as trig are. I jumped a leshak and 2 guardians into Khopa (a fortress system) and sat on the gate with red 3 gunstars on the gate. They did not lock or do anything.

If I move through Edencom systems with positive trig standing will they shoot at me or not? They did not yesterday.

Asking for a friend.

Sometimes also the Trigs dont shoot.

Both sides are quite bugged lately. You cant be sure. Both sides have been known to shoot the people with positive standings to them too.

yeah i guess… My standing is like -0.06 at the highest (or lowest depending your mindset) for one of my chars to Edencom.

EDENCOM and Trigs are just NPC rats with more sophisticated logic, CCP logic.

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