There's no real reason to fight for EDENCOM*

*outside of RP reasons or in the very small chance that your mission hub/hisec industry hub is threatened with final liminality

Triglavian supporters are afforded the unique opportunity to permanently alter the security status of empire systems that meet the final liminality criteria, something which is unprecedented in the game’s history. They’re new, mysterious, their outfits look great and are available for players to wear too, and the type of security they turn systems in to (calling it trigsec because it’s basically nullsec but without all the things that make nullsec awful) are probably the greatest possible scenario conducive to PVP. It’s understandable that many support them, as they essentially offer a whole load of things that players want.

What do EDENCOM offer? Well… nothing, really. EDENCOM is the status quo. They offer no security change to systems, which is understandable as there really is enough hisec as it is. Running conduits gives DED LP. What does DED LP get you? Mimesis BPCs and skins. That’s about it. They’ll probably add the EDENCOM ships to there at some point, but all three of the new ships have had less than stellar receptions, tying in to their gimmick not really being all that good. They’re quite frankly boring. Too boring for people who don’t have any egregious bone to pick with the Trigs to support.

But we should want more systems to become Trigsec, right? There’s way too much hisec as it is, right? A big part of this event is tied in to the conflict that Trig supporters and EDENCOM supporters would have, in a tug of war over various systems. How is that going to happen if one side realizes that there’s no real reason to fight for their side other than RP? That might sustain them for a while, but EDENCOM supporters will get burned out over time, due to the lack of any concrete rewards. Thus, there is no player conflict, and it just comes down to Trig supporters grinding NPCs for a day to turn a system.

Oh, and there’s the cyno jammers. I’m no fan of capitals either, but you’re not going to get lowsec and nullsec dwellers on EDENCOM’s side with those.

So, is there anything in the works to make EDENCOM palatable to the average player? Or will the event be doomed, becoming a one-sided NPC grindfest?


Considering that Trig systems are likely going to become portals of some sort to other types of space and/or be connected to one another, it would make sense to want more Trig systems, not less.

But carebears will be carebears, and will fight (either verbally or in a manner that doesn’t expose them to risk from other players) to keep space as safe as possible.

People choose what is known and liked to them out of habit. They prefer to support EDENCOM for that DED LP, ISK payout and to save the place (system), where do they like to live/play, where do they have stored their assets, etc. They prefer that status quo over God knows what new stuff with Triglavians CCP is going to introduce in the end. Probably some new content, but with several major and minor bugs that will infest game for days or even weeks, as CCP recently don’t care about quality testing in EVE. Unfortunately.

Right now it’s 5 final liminality system versus 21 EDENCOM fortress system. I guess pro-E players are committed to the case despite average rewards for them, and they’ll keep doing their job. I even predict that pro-T players might get burned out first thanks to probably somewhat-broken invasion mechanics existing in the game (I saw like 10 systems that should became first liminality, as they were conquered by pro-T fleets - but they just got resetted, for reason unknown; that could discourage pro-T folks in long run).


Yes, that’s the problem. More trig space would be good, but if the process is a slow, boring NPC grind without any conflict because the other side has no reason to fight, it’ll be a failure of an event. Conflict is good, grinding NPCs is not.

They’ll move assets if they have to. If Goons let VFK die, I’m sure that empire dwellers that don’t even own the space won’t care too much about moving a system over. Also, not every system will be flipped. I seriously doubt that the “minor victory” systems will stay that way forever, unlike the fortresses/final liminalities.

It won’t be sustainable. I guarantee you that Trigs will end up with the vast majority of systems when the event is over. There’s a reward that only Trig invaded systems can give in becoming trigsec, there’s very little reward for EDENCOM in the long run besides Mimesis BPCs. And if it’s ISK that I care about, why would I bother with the invasions when I could just run exploration sites and make hundreds of millions of ISK off of deadspace mods/ship BPCs?

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This could be just as bad for gankers as for carebears. Lots of people depend on those “whaling lanes” just as much as some miner with 20 alts would for hoovering up rocks daily right after downtime.

Ultimately this is a chance to end Jita, much to the lamentations of a lot of players who need their game shaken up as surely as they clamor for the game of others to be shaken up.

Burn all teh things.

If they end Jita, it’s just going to get replaced with another hub. You can’t beat human psychology.

Burning all the things would even then be impossible, unfortunately. Best case scenario for destabilizing trade would be that they take Niarja (Amarr-Caldari pipeline) and Ohide (Amarr-Minmatar pipeline), shutting off the Amarrians from the rest of the empires. There’s no way to really cut off the Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar from each other, as each of their pipelines don’t have any compatible stars to completely sever them, but only mildly inconvenience them.

There’d still be ways for gankers to benefit from this, though. Take SOE missions, for instance. There’s three available L4 agents for them. One is in Osmon in the Forge, and the other in Lanngisi in Metropolis, and they’re both conquerable systems. If they both fell, that’d force all of them in to Apanake, an 0.5 system in Genesis. It’d funnel them all there, and make it easier for gankers to get picks.

I’m also aware that Jita is a compatible star, but CCP would never allow it to be invaded. Perimeter could also be invaded, but Vily’s on the CSM, and TTT is there, so…

Trigs have 5…3 of them dead end systems. Better get a move on.

I’m EDENCOM. I’m participating for the conflict, rather than the results. I don’t really give a damn which systems turn or not, provided that they’re not in my backyard, of course. I’m simply pointing out that there are not enough valid reasons for neutral players to side with EDENCOM, as the Trigs are far more appealing based off of what they offer.

The 21 edencom fortresses paints a different picture.

The only ones going on about Trigs are those so called pvp players who want to turn hi-sec systems into low or null but don’t want to go into the already low-sec invasion system. Edencom has more low-sec systems as fortresses. And those null players who use cynos.

Maybe CCP will help you guys out and make a change soon…who knows…I kinda hope so because its become boring.

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Got no clue how the invasion works, do you?

:red_circle: Raravoss is next door to a big mission hub, the claim that they do not threaten mission systems is a lie.

They also kill off one ice mining system after another. Another pve activity threatened.

Trigs turn systems into nullsec and low sec, which is not usable unless you are part of a group, which is not appealing to most people who live in high sec. If they wanted that, they would be there already.

Someone has no idea what they are talking about.


A vast majority happened when there were about five or six invasions up at once, and people’s attentions were divided. CCP has since restricted the number of active invasions to three, so systems will be more laser-focused at this point. Also, around half of the fortress systems have, for some reason or another, stars that were never really in any danger of reaching final liminality in the first place (only the blue and yellow ones are). Chibi in Aridia was the last significant fortress victory as that was a star that could actually turn.

It’s difficult to really know as CCP has been vague on which systems can reach final liminality and which ones can’t. Vaajaita, Obe, Carrou, Arraron, Kulelen, Netsalakka, Akora and Taisy for instance all have stars that are blue or yellow, and could have theoretically been final lim systems, but they ended in minor victories.

A event where the sites are relatively dangerous, its a long and tedious process, and the rewards suck. It still doesn’t make sense no matter how many times i analyze it.

Didn’t the event JUST start?
I think its way too early to tell much of anything. Do we even know why stars are being harvested yet? If trigs are true invaders or if they’re running from something? What they’re stockpiling minerals for?

Also for those with expectations on why folk are generally more supportive of status quo how is that even the least amount surprising? People are generally afraid of change.

“lowsec and nullsec require groups”

You are wrong. Some high sec systems have value for null sec alliances and therefore they defend the system to stay high sec. Hence, they fight on the side of Edencom.

The rest of your tears are not worth responding to at all.

I don’t understand this thread. It comes across as a whine, rather than a call-to-arms for everybody to fight for the Triglavians.

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Standard forum bait then…

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What more reason do i need other than it upsets the triangle huggers?

Seems like a solid enough reason for me to run EDENcom to be fair

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