The Triglavian mess!


The way I see that T-space if we call it that now is like the first start of a second nulsec (or at least a structured WHS) type setup where there is nothing but npc controlled stations.

This is like a whole new world for players to build on, with first grinding their rep to use those trigates so the saying goes if you build it people will follow do the grind and live there in the world in which they create.

Anyhow great vod. Great to see the sun and the shine in the form of a Triglavian Y

Great video. Somebody even more disappointed than me!


Now imagine how disappointed EDENCOM is that all their work was nullified. Completely nullified. You at least got worthless space. EDENCOM lost all their hundreds of hours of work because CCP is too god damn crapping stupid to program anything that works. But fret not. CCP is working overtime and crunches through weekends to give you more of this crap.


How many times did he say “what a waste”? :rofl:

Thanks for the vid!




I’m not disappointed at all, this was the expected outcome, the disappointed people are the people who are doing this for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

What hours did i lose exactly? we defended systems that are still part of empire space, we could have just all gone trig and laughed as half the universe went in to t-space


Something else will be coming out of T-Space.

Except that was never going to happen. T-space was going to be exactly 27 systems, once the invasion flipped the required 27 it was going to end. And if the defenders had somehow kept it from getting to 27 CCP was almost certainly going to escalate the invasion until it was no longer possible to prevent systems from falling. The only agency you had was influencing exactly which systems were lost, and even then most of the candidates weren’t very significant.


A recent CCP thing indicated otherwise, apparently it could have been 80 something systems, 27 was just the one that ended up being closest, but we were never likely to go full trig so the damage was limited in the end

I mean they would have run out of caldari systems eventually the rest weren’t guaranteed wins :stuck_out_tongue:

Who said anything about agency, this entire event was going to end in t-space and we knew that from the start, all we could do was limit the damage, which is what we did

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I don’t feel like I had any idea what was going to happen. CCP introduced the entire Trig invasion with no context. The Trig space because clear only once we saw the stargate shutdown teaser and then the notice to evacuate. Even after that, nobody knew what form Trig space would take.

It doesn’t even seem to have any form at all. Just saying…

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I empathize with the OP…

To those that still dwell in T-space, here’s a song for you


If he had stayed, he could have been “Lord of the flies”… :smirk:

Now, I’m not trying to beat up on the Devs that are busting their asses for this content. I think it’s obvious that they are dedicated, and I’d bet my left nut that, as creators, they care what people think about their creation. Thus, I highly suspect that the real problem is the process. First impressions matter a lot. And unfortunately, many people’s first impression of Dorito space is that it sucks. And it’s very unlikely that they’re going to keep checking back in hopes that some incremental changes will finally result in something that they might enjoy. Instead they tend to say, “welp, that sucks,” and then move on. And it becomes a real challenge to get them to try it again or change their minds.

Hopefully, this doesn’t become the next resource wars.


You are among those die-hard apologetics that excuse every screw up that CCP presents to the players. Of course you don’t see any issues.

I have already described elsewhere why Edencom lost these hours. All the effort that went into creating consequences for Trig Shits went to nothing because CCP allowed them to become friends with Edencom even though they invaded the empires. That you don’t want to see that is not my issue.

Just because you expected this crap to happen, doesn’t mean it’s any better when it happened. Especially since we told CCP time and again about the issue. Their leadership, however, ignored every complaint so that they could stay on track with their impossible schedule.

CCP did. CCP never tired to state that we would have to make hard decisions. That was all but a marketing lie. The hardest decision was, in fact, to stick with Edencom as siding with the invaders had much fewer consequences for you than for Edencom. Final Loons were an impossible to go through barrier for edencom while Fortresses were a joke for any trig player with half of a brain. And now these systems don’t matter at all because of the above.

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To be clear, this is not to defend anything related to invasions or Dorito space. All I’m saying is that I’ve noticed that the people who accuse others of being CCP apologists appear to be some of the bitterest, focus on the negative, vets around.

Does that come as a surprise to you? In an environment were CCP screws up one good feature with lots of potential after the other, incessantly without any pause?


And what exactly did you think you would get as a reward? EDENCOM fought to preserve the status quo. EDENCOM fought against any changes to highsec.
This is your reward - Highsec exactly as it was, with no change. This was signaled multiple times during the entire invasion event. If you still expected EDENCOM to receive something completely different you are delusional.
Your faction got your precious DED LP, fortress systems with mining boosts and tons of Trig salvage. EDENCOM went strictly for short term rewards.
Triglavian collective got virtualy no rewards during the whole event but received a new region at the end. Trigs went for the long term rewards.

If you wanted long term rewards, you chose the wrong side.

Consequences the for invaders! Nothing but a few measurable consequences. Edencom treated Trig Shits just like any other small-time thief and not as the invaders that takes star systems from the empires. There was not a single consequence against these invaders. No docking restrictions in empire stations, no getting chased by faction police in non invaded systems, no other amenity restrictions. Worse, the only systems where you could realistically create some inconvenience for these invaders are now completely pointless because CCP screwed up standing gains.

Are you serious? They got the same ISK rewards as Edencom players and they got ridiculous amounts of salvage. So much salvage in fact that it crashed the market prices. I was chased around by empire forces in Gal and Min space because I have low standings with them. Trig Shits could just continue their daily business in any empire space without any issues. They also got funny PVP hunting grounds during the invasion and created one travel barrier for edencom that edencom could not just fly through, while they could fly through most edencom fortresses and MVs just fine for most of the time. You are unreal if you really think Trigs got no rewards during the invasion.