Triglavian Invasion: Part Deux

Woo-hoo, who’s ready for the return of these fun-loving, randomly roaming death squads? Time to buckle down and get ready for another round of “Who’s space is it, anyway?”.


I can’t manage to spool up my interest in this.

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I wouldn’t mind if the Drifters eradicate the Trigshits.


EDENCOM teams will provide capsuleers with advanced reconnaissance, exploring conduits in hopes of gathering key operational intel.” For 60k isk!!

All pilots must stand against these threats before the people of New Eden find themselves caught in the crossfire.””
Between gankers in Hisec, warriors in Lowsec and soldiers in Null we’re already caught in crossfire.

And what people of New Eden? The NPCs who shoot at me or the bozos who want me to risk my 20-million-isk ship for a 60k-isk mission?
Where are all the workers in the huge ship hangar every time I dock, on coffee break?

Capsuleer expeditions on behalf of the SoCT will begin on the 30th of April, YC126
I’m afraid I won’t make it, I’m still training skills LOL!

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The text of this sounds like we might be getting more Trig Conduits opening, possibly wandering Trig or Drifter groups in normal space.

I’m guessing the “Capsuleer Expeditions” starting soon might be some kind of new Abyssal space content.

The previous Trig invasion had some pretty big problems: scripted outcome, rigged battles (eg. vs Caldari NPCs), screwing over half the players (Edencom), etc. Parts of it weren’t bad though.

Hopefully CCP has learned from their mistakes and can do better this time.

(Yes, it was difficult typing that last line with a straight face. I almost made it though! :slight_smile: )

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uedama is next :smiley:

Will be interesting to see if this is just for the Capsuleer Day few weeks or kicks off something larger:

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nothing was rigged