Triglavian wormholes

I did not expect this… it’s sort of difficult to explain, but I’ll try my best.

Last night, a wormhole spawned in a system local to me. It was a direct connection to Niarja. The first we knew about it was a bunch of Triglavian ships spawning through it and attacking structures. I’m sure if we’d left them to it, they’d’ve reinforced every one of them. They were even going after POS bubbles and customs offices.

We fleeted up and had a look. The incoming DPS was on par with a Sansha capital site, except this was system wide. We had a solid three hours of running aorund and wiping out Trig fleets in carriers and dreads - pretty much a Sansha comp. By the end a good many of us had DED loyalty points and probably 30mill ISK apiece, and 1.2bill in loot and salvage to split three hundred ways…

This muppet volunteered to follow up the fleet in a noctis scooping and salvaging, hence I didn’t score any LP or ISK. Dangit. Next time.

So yeah. Capitals and logi for the fleets, folks. I’ve seen screenshots from inside the holes, they don’t look pretty. Rogue Drone supers spamming grid with drones, and Triglavian fleets hiding in clouds of wrecks as far as the eye can see. That’s a whole lot of “NOPE!” from me.


AWESOME! :smiley:


That does sound good, even I have to admit


Sounds pretty cool. Next time when volunteers are asked for don’t forget to step backwards :slight_smile:


So no chance of EDI being able to have content and fight because we can’t get caps in and not worth it? Thanks again CCP.

We have content, go find the WH system and defend it from the invading trigs, this is the new EDI content :stuck_out_tongue:

Go form a fleet


What’s EDI?

Was it in low sec? Nulsec?

Edencom Defense Initiative.

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And again I’m running out of Likes. :roll_eyes:


Sounds like a hideously painful grind to me without good rewards.


Are you 100% certain nobody aggressed the NPCs before they started to attack your structures?

they were super aggressive, if it wasn’t triangular they attacked it. I landed 6,000km off in my noctis on one group, they burned hard at me and had me yellowboxed before I’d even registered they were there.

Sov Null. Well away from the warzone. Highsec minions will have a super hard time with these things. If you get a trig hole spawn in HS, hide.

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hello Gaius, I am writing a guide for the region of Pochven and have some questions about this event. Is there a best method i can contact you by to discuss it? If you have discord, and dont wish to post it publicly, you could send it to me via in-game mail to Ephriane Korasai

Just to confirm, you were able to move Capital ships into Pochven via the wormhole?

No, the largest ship that can get through the WHs is an Orca. You cannot move caps into them.

There is apparently a confirmed WH type that does allow capitals, but i would expect it would be limited to whichever systems were low sec

Sorry for stealing them all lol

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Wormhole types/designations by mass:

Wormhole Type Leads to Total Mass Allowed (Kg) Max Individual Mass (Kg) Mass Regeneration (Kg/day) Wormhole Classification Max Stable Time (Hours)
C391 Lowsec 5,000,000,000 1,800,000,000 500,000,000 8 24
K329 Nullsec (0.0) 5,000,000,000 1,800,000,000 500,000,000 9 24
N290 Lowsec 5,000,000,000 1,800,000,000 500,000,000 8 24
U319 Class 6 W-Space 3,000,000,000 1,800,000,000 500,000,000 6 48


Smallest actual capital combat-specific ships I’m guessing here will be the dreadnoughts. You can push TWO Phoenixes through any of the abovementioned holes before the hole blows, if you want it to regenerate (takes a day), otherwise three and it blows. That’s going to take a bit to get any sizeable capital gank fleet in the system. Carriers will also go through, with the same restrictions. A fax or two is a maybe? Depending on whether armor or shield fit. Even an Aeon will go through any of these hole types. You’d get several Rorquals through (I think 6 on a virgin hole before you blow it on the 7th?).