Triglavian wormholes

That would mean supercaps could get into wormhole space now. I doubt they’d make such an extremely drastic change without any announcement. It’s worth noting that the static data has contained wormhole types for years that theoretically exist but have never been seeded, meaning they do not ever actually appear in the game.

I’ve seen class 8 and 9 wormholes in nullsec, I’ve also seen roll-fit carriers and dreads being shoved through them.

Of course, carriers and dreads are ubiquitious in wormholes. But not supercarriers.

Your info is out of date it doesn’t include any of the pochven WH’s

The N944 has been confirmed to be spawning so add that to your list aswell so you can easily push another 3 carriers in through one of those, and it doesn’t need to be that big of a fleet, there isn’t going to be much in the way of capital response fleets for the time being

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I’m just using as comprehensive a source as I can find based on confirmed information. :slight_smile: Next hole I encounter I’ll try and get more info such as the hole class, etc. That will require a sacrificial probe…

can these trig wh spawn or have the k162 in hs?

they can spawn anywhere. Better git gud with scanning skills…

More like git bored.


Has any alliance moved into trig space yet btw?

To give an update, since there were wrong infos given above:

No capital WHs can spawn to or from Pochven.

There are 5 possible WH connections, 2 of those can spawn in trig space, the other 3 spawn outside.
All WHs spawn trigs on the non-Pochven side. The Pochven side rats are listed at the WH.

R081, outgoing to C4 Space, with Drifters and Sleepers
X450, outgoing to NS Drone space, with Rogue Drones
C729, incoming from HS space, with Edencom
F216, incoming from WH space (C2 and above), with Drifters and Sleepers
U372, imcoming from NS space, with Rogue Drones

ALL the above mentioned Sigs - EXCEPT R081 - have a max mass per jump of 300 and a max mass overall of 1000, so you can take up to BS through it, and that’s it.

R081 has a max of 450 per jump, which allows Bowheads through (to C4 space). These Sigs have the text for very large ships, which confused some people and led to the rumors about capital holes.

There are no WH connections to Pochven through which you can bring anything above 450 in mass.

Additionally: All Pochven WHs use the Drifter WH mechanic of being deadspace. They are also the only site inside Pochven with rats to kill, and they do spawn roaming fleets on both sides.

In case of different roaming fleets due to multiple WHs those also fight against each other (trigs vs sleepers vs drones vs Edencom)

C729 are currently bugged but will be fixed soon (they don’t spawn often enough)

5 different WH connections are possible, no caps allowed, HS can only spawn to trig space and not vice versa. No LS holes seen till now.

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People have confirmed that N944 wormholes spawn in Pochven.

Confirmed by whom? Because there is no confirmation on the trig discords yet.
And we live in that space.

That kind of crap is going to make the game exciting and enjoyable. You can’t calculate your ISK/hour down to .0001 with this malarkey going on! STOP IT CCP!!!