EDENCOM Benefits

Hello CCP,

i am just wondering if there is any possiblities to have a benefit flying for EDENCOM. Whats with the Yulai EDENCOM Stations there ?

Is it planned that EDENCOM Allies, or with positive Standing can dock there, and store their assets there ? Maybe with some special thing ? like highsec reaction ?

Or is it planned ot have some nice EDENCOM Suits again ?

Please enlight us ccp here, what is planned with EDENCOM ?

And for that guys, not knowing that…

A short summary :slight_smile:


Good luck getting an answer. We’ve been asking since the end of the invasion. EDENCOM just got cast aside basically.


Not just cast aside. Edencom was completely nullified and removed because of the ability to get positive standings with Trig Shits and Edencom at the same time just by shooting some lousy drones. It’s one of the worse examples of CCP Feature Quality but its quality is perfectly in line with the entire Invasion quality.



OOC SPOILER ALERT: EDENCOM will spawn roaming zombie spacehordes. You are currently seeing little EDENCOM activity because EDENCOM is trying to cover up the ongoing outbreak, which is gradually expanding to all EDENCOM facilities.

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Again trolling. How are you not banned…


Probably CCP could make an EDENCOM loyalty store with people having access to certain positions in that store only with enough standings, ISK and LP. Items like clothing for example could be placed there, among other DED store offers.

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Pretty much this.


That’s an awful idea because

  1. DED store is already a thing and it has the edencom ship in it plus other things,
  2. Getting standing towards EDENCOM is trivial. Triglavian supporters, the ones who fought AGAINST EDENCOM can easily gain all the positive EDENCOM standings they want just by shooting a few rogue drones or drifters. That doesn’t reward the numerous players who spent hours upon hours defending empire space against the invaders.
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EDENCOM supports just got hella screwed over by CCP. It has already been brought to their attention multiple times and there is nothing they have done about it. It is just something the EDENCOM supports must deal with.


EDENCOM is just another in the long line of abandoned and ignored lore/event/content features in EVE.


Yep. There was so much they could’ve done with this content as well.

It’s way too late to give out any kind of “Edencom-supporter rewards” anyway, to people who actually supported Edencom in the invasions, or continue to do so, what with the dual standings. We got cast aside and there’s not much CCP can do about that at this point even if they wanted to.

Does Edencom still pod noobs for not going to Poochyville?

Edencom never did. They don’t engage if your standing is zero. Triglavians do, but there’s a lot less of them at gates since the wh-spawned ones don’t tend to go to gates anymore.

Everyones default standing was below zero. I still have alts that have never engaged the content that are at -0.0

I have documentary evidence they wax folk at -0.0 including GM response.

But the costs could see alternatives, plus clothes of course. Bigger amounts of LP for example.

If it is, maybe put them behind a fairly high treshhold, like +9.9 and negative trig -9.9 at the same time. Its possible to get those numbers. Maybe not so trivial tho.

Then that’s a bug because I have alts that I made after the invasions who are 0.0 and have never shot at either side or drones/drifts and I have never had a problem with EDENCOM. Which is important since I base out of a EDENCOM system.

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Hardly anyone on the EDENCOM side reached above 6.0 standings. No one is going to want to grind to just have access to a store that trigs can just as easily access. CCP borked everything hard and there is real no solution to it.

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Numbers please?
I am 9.8 and I am not stopping there. At the same time my trig standings are -9.8. It was some time spend shooting trigs, but I get LP and ISK too, just would like option to spend that for something in store. Currently there is nothing that interests me, I would like clothes tho. LP amount is not a problem for me also.

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I personally spent hundreds of hours running the invasion. I was one of the ones that helped shift Arshat from First Liminal to Redoubt.

I spent many nights up way later than I should’ve and even skipped a few online classes (thanks covid) to run the invasion. When it was all over, I only had 5.3 standings. I am not going to go out of my way to grind countless hours just so I can have access to a store that trig players can easily get access to as well. That is just flat out stupid.

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