Another loss for Edencom in The Forge

What’s everyone thoughts on another system, Wirashoda, in The Forge slowly falling to Trig invasion? It seems Trig forces are unstoppable in this region than contains our major trade hub.


Personally I have no real opinions on that particular system, It’s a dead end system already. But I wish CCP would just hurry up and get to the end of it all as the whole thing is really getting quite dull and boring .


How excatly changing high sec is boring ?


As per other thread, Caldari NPC being extremely weak contributes a lot to this. This also encourages Pro-Trig players to focus on Caldari space since CCP made it into an “easy mode” compared to Amarr NPCs which by default win a system for Amarr almost every time while Caldari NPCs always lose to Trig NPCs.


*stirring martial music


:red_circle: I do not know. Maybe … Well, maybe 15 hours of sitting there and running the ever same EC? Or 15 hours of mindless, boring, unrewarding and risky grind without getting anywhere unless you chill for the biased-towards faction? Maybe because the crappy Final Loon systems are still in the gate network and not gone? Maybe because Edencom is underwhelming as a faction, underpowered as a ship line, unrewarding as a gamplay element, and their Fortresses a joke to pass through for Trig Shits while Final Loon systems are an ridiculously hard to pass through barrier for Edencom? Maybe because nothing else is happening and it is just becoming frustrating and annoying … You know, like everything CCP does in recent history? And yet there are still people who defend these developers.

On top of that: Amarr got nerfed, Caldari is still a laughing stock but Trig NPC are still as OP as always. So… There’s that, too.

As for the system itself: It would be fun if Edencom managed to gain it, but ultimately it is not a real gain. This entire area hinges on a few systems in a pipe further down towards Jita. If any of those systems falls to Final Loon, it doesn’t matter if you managed to gain all systems in the rest of the constellations as Fortresses. They are still unreachable and The Forge will be split in half.


That’s the thing isn’t it. Trig are slowly gaining a foothold in The Forge. If Edencom friendlies don’t show up and fight, the EVE charts are going to flip. Niarja is a perfect example of how dynamics will change in game. I also see this as Trig forces making their way to Jita… This should be interesting.

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You seemed shocked. Edencom players are the worse in the game. Look at Niarja. They had the system and lost it over night. They can make excuses, but they just play the game terrible.


The incentive for Null sec players to wreck High sec is far greater than the opposite. They have it all and want more, while High sec players are not interested in Null carnage or politics. Look at the stats for bounties by region. Null sec dwarfs high sec by a mile, proving the game is skewed in their favor. Want to fly a carrier or dreadnaught? Just go ratting. Want to pay for that Marauder in high sec? Either mission grind or do DED sites until your eyeballs bleed, and still know it is many months away for that ship; then the nightmare of paying for a decent fit.

High seccers are the mass of peasants in the background while the story is about glorious knights and kings and their wishes. So, all you carebears and casual players, bend over, CCP will drive…


Hey you know you can just go live in null if you think it’s so fantastic, right? Seriously, they let absolutely anyone do it, there’s no reason you can’t.


I honestly believe they’re just more eager to fight. Edencom as whole is a joke. Watch how all the systems in The Forge, except the one, turn into a Trig victory.

And that one system, Hentogaira, was a free fortress from Serenity. EDENCOM didn’t even fight for it!

Won’t be on this one. Trig are slowly making their way to Jita.

Not High Sec, I mean the whole Trig invasion story, its getting drawn out and boring, maybe not yur opinion, but mine.


I agree, CCP has long dragged their feet with this ■■■■. The Trig players are more antsy than anybody else, they desperately want to see what their Triangles are planning and see the endgame. CCP even let the “Dreaded Collective” update pass them by without doing anything with the Trigs!








On to Jita


Oh. This is “the game” now. Interesting.

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why is edencom not doing anything?