Another loss for Edencom in The Forge

Because they suck and managed to lose close to 2 bil in the caldari system. They had a shield abandon

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I killed them all.

Mmmm, LEO :wink:

Does Edencom even fly their own Edencom ships?

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no they dont

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That is really funny.

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Thats too funny. I will call them such from now on.


We’ve talked about it, and it actually seems like the cruisers might do pretty good, but you need like a minimum of 5-10 for them to be useful.

Trigs just gank everything now. First was kind of disruptive but now only BORING. People are adjusting to it and will fly cheap WARSHIPS, tech 1, with massive tank and INSURED to get money back. And whoever will pay CODE to gank, will add to the Kybernaut side financial loses that will surpass EDENCOM loses. Catas are never insured because insurance doesnt work when CONCORD kills you. The stuff gankers lose in modules is looted from the field and EDENCOM gains money for more ships.

EDENCOM just marches on. Nobody said it will be easy or that nobody will lose ships in that war.


More boring talk about the boring event where we all wish a different MMO would release.


It definitely feels too long.


The Trigs are many times stronger than Edencom. It’s only a matter of time until all four of the empires lose a major portion of their hisec systems, if not all. Unless CCP decides to end the invasion but that would be nonsensical from a Trig point of view. An invading force doesn’t stop until stopped… Of course, no invasion has ever been manipulated by a game company so no one knows what to expect.

Personally, I don’t see this invasion as a Trig invasion. It’s more of a CCP invasion of hisec to “shake things up”, so It’s fixed. It’s a con job.

I read a lot of people who say to those who live in hisec to stop whining and start defending those systems targetted by the Trigs laughs What they’re NOT saying is that this whole invasion is a con job designed by Devs to change the dynamics in New Eden.
Good luck fighting against the Devs in your little ships and modules designed by Devs in space controlled by Devs :smile:
And they’re asking new players to get into the ‘war’ Hahaaaa!! What a joke!


Nearly everyone in EDENCOM knows it.

Trigs are favorite pets of CCP.


Like a slow moving train wreck imho.


No one pays CODE to gank. CODE gank whoever they want.

And I’m pretty sure its not just CODE that is ganking.

They also gank trig supporters fyi.

Also Edencom doesn’t use the most honorable tactics. Bumping cap chained ships etc etc etc

Stop crying and play the game.

When will trigs invade Island to stop ccp doin bs?

Note to ccp:
Dont implement New stuff till proper testing and Dont praise it as the hottest ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ on earth


… Yet, they want new players to ‘get into the war’ :roll_eyes: Just because someone is a new player doesn’t mean they’re as idiotic as to waste their time fighting an invasion force controlled and favored by Devs.

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This is STILL the GAME. Whatever the narration would be.
It got somewhat serious tho, and thats actually bad.
There were people who stopped playing in the past already because the narrative became ugly and effort that was expected from them was too much.

They wil return when CCP stops PLAYER-BAITING.


It is the game, right, but I’m not going to waste my time and ISK on this invasion. First, I do not have the skills to be effective in a fleet or last one second against a Trig ship and second, even if I did, I’m not getting into a losing fight against super-nerfed Devs’ pets. I’m not wasting days and nights trying to defend a system targetted by CCP for termination.

A message to CCP: Players aren’t NPCs you can control.

Case in point of players not being NPCs… Who can expect paying players to agree to get set back months of ISK and lose huge amounts of assets just because the Devs have a nervous breakdown over the Market economy?
Who can blame those players who left? Who wants to spend months and years on a game plan only to see that plan shot down by capricious Devs and the rug pulled under their feet by unbalanced game mechanics designed to make players waste more time and ISK?

“Player-baiting” is right.
And they call this a ‘sandbox’ :roll_eyes:


Yeah. As said in other message, CCP is yet to take action regarding Caldari NPC inbalance while they listened to Triglavian complaints quite rapidly. They screwed up Edencom Gunstars and were not in hurry to fix those.

They make Liminal systems actual obstacles to pass for Edencom while Fortress systems do not offer even theoretical obstacle to people whose actual goal is to destroy entire solar systems owned by armed nation states.

CCP Devs were anti-Caldari 10 years ago with them clearly siding with Gallente militia back in the day, as evidenced by rigged “kill a titan” special event (something Caldari or other militias never got) they got from 100% occupancy and FW changes they rushed week in advance in middle of a working week when Caldari had acquired themselves into favorable position in regards to them.

End result was that carefully constructed strategy by CalMil was pulled out under their feet like the proverbial rug because devs did not like their pet militia starting with the short stick under new FW mechanics.

This Triglavian invasion and unwilling attitude to balance the NPCs is just continuing the tradition started by Fozzie decade ago aimed at making Caldari the “sucks b…ls” faction.

It speaks volumes that CCP dev was in Edencom discord and was apparently “surprised” that Caldari missiles still suck, after a detailed post about NPC shortcomings was made a month ago and yet this obviously non-playtested pile of burning garbage was allowed keep burning and wreck high-sec, just so forum troglodytes could post HTFU messages while stroking themselves.