Very aggrivated with CCP

Congrats to the Trig supporting players for their content dump. What I’ve learned so far sounds really exciting, and I’m happy for you.

As an EDENCOM supporting player, we got completely shafted. Choosing to join forces with EDENCOM was not in any way an impactful decision beyond defending against the invasions, and now that those are over it only serves to limit our access to the new content. I’ve been following the lore breadcrumbs, and there’s nothing that seems to indicate that there is secret EDENCOM content to figure out as there has been with Trigs.

To add insult to injury, the removal of autopilot warnings for minor victories is a real kick to the nuts. You can avoid them with settings, but you HAVE to avoid both which, given the volume of them, travel becomes ridiculous. EDENCOM players basically have to memorize where the minor victories are. I really hope the Kyber Clade doesn’t take down their minor invasion list. (However they are Trig players, so true to form I’m sure they spitefully will.)

EDIT 10/15/20
THIS POST talks about the issue way more eloquently than I could ever hope to, and I suggest people read it:

A more Pro-Trig take on why this was awful:


You can manually avoid those 28 systems in autopilot, if you want.

The rest of your post is correct.

I’m working on that now…cries

Wait what ?

You choose to fight for stagnation and conserving what you have, and now you have it…
Don’t worry, as things are going i’m pretty sure we will have to face Drifters and Rogue Drones together soon.

That said: CCPlease split up the avoid options into trig & edencom minors, have 1 switch for both is a bit lazy.

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CCP developers you need to read this thread in its entirety.
I’ve included a link in the OP as an edit.

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I’m pretty sure CCP monitors Reddit closely.

Here’s the thing, we didn’t even get our status quo, and EDI was wildly more effective at defending systems than the pro-Trig forces were at taking them, despite insane game-breaking bugs. This is not a knock at the pro-Trig players, it’s just obvious from the number of systems successfully defended verses the ones that fell.

There’s not one aspect of how this content had played out that didn’t end in favor of the Trigs, and importantly, at the EXPENSE of EDENCOM’s supporters. It’s so blatant it’s hard to not see this as intentional. This was billed as a meaningful choice, and it was, but in all the worst possible ways because EDENCOM did the lion’s share of the work and got literally nothing out of it.


If we had known that the Trigs were always going to win 27 systems, then we could have been really smart about choosing which garbage systems to give them.


I actually like what I’m hearing about how the invasions changed the map, and the content the Trig supporters got is really interesting. It’s just ONLY for them, and all the remaining EDENCOM content is literally broken. It’s not just bad, it’s broken.

Can I have your stuff?

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What is this WoW? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was never meant to be, thats the part people seem to keep forgetting, there was never going to be a win scenario for defending, it was all about how much we lost

Why would there be, EDENCOM is just the 4 empires trying to defend their space, that was the reason the group was formed in the first place

Or refer to either of the public invasion lists, each side had an invasion tracker on a public facing website, here is a full list of sites no memory required

Well i run the edencom site, i have no plans to remove it, although i may have to archive that section depending on how the content develops so it would just move rather than disappear, you’re also welcome to copy that data anywhere else you want

this is the first time in EVEs history that i want to shot a MOFO and cant because of standing
they are the SUPER BEARS the real EVE safe space
they will farm with impunity because PVP players that don’t like to farm NPC juice cant touch them


The hilarious think about Trigville is that you cannot see who is in local, but you can open the map and get “Average pilots in space in last 30 minutes”

Do they play soccer too? idk I read kick in the face, kick in the nuts. it sort of sounds like a football game.

I have to agree with the poster, if you supported the trigs you get new content, if you supported EDENCOM you get 10% buff to mining lasers and shield… whoop whoop

Reply made in bad faith detected.

Just read the post you are referring to, the reply doesn’t seem that way to me.

Sugar, I did read it. It says the exact thing this thread is about is ‘intended’ and it’s okay. It’s not okay.

Then refute his facts that counter your points, rather than casting emotional judgement on them.