Very aggrivated with CCP

I did in the OP, which is why the response is in bad faith. The poster is basically looking at the same set of facts that were already covered and saying ‘this is just fine.’ I see no reason to waste any further time on it.

I love circular arguments.

You dont even have to try and the loser just impales themselves on the ridiculousness of their logic.

There, THATS a reply in bad faith.

I didn’t realize it was my job to convince you of something that was plainly obvious. My mistake. rolls eyes

In any event I’m not here to debate the issue, I’m here to voice my opinion. You’re welcome to not agree.

And you are perfectly entitled to hold whatever opinion you want.

But it still doesnt mean EDENCOM were ever supposed to do anything but lose.

Well, I say ever, but really I expect them to get buffed up the wazoo so that people resub to play as em and the whole cycle of crap starts again

Ah, the straw man. My favorite. An you have the gall to say I’m being circular lol

What strawman?

Its entirely likely from what way this whole shebang rolled out that CCP never had any intention of things going differently from how they have.

And you were being circular. You were saying his points were refuted by your OP, the post whose points he was countering in the first place.

“I hold these facts to be self-evident” is not evidence.

Let’s recap:

Me: this was awful because it was billed as a meaningful choice and isn’t because of x, y, z.
You and the other dude: It was never meant to be a meaningful choice because of x, y, z.

Give me a break. You wouldn’t know what a circular argument was if it slapped you on the tush and called you Susan. >.>

No, thats not a circular argument, thats us all agreeing its not a meaningful choice.

Whty are you assuming that we dont agree it was sold to the player base as a choice? Thats the bone of my problem with CCP atm! That they lie to eveyone!

Now we can argue about the definition of a circular argument, or we can agree that CCP set this thing up to have this outcome, and many in EDENCOM feel like they were shafted.

Which is it?

At least you didn’t come back to the game 3 days before the region split and have all your assets in a hi sec station that is now in the new triglavian region,

You are sitting on a gold mine there. It is damn hard to get anything in there so sell it, that will take you a little effort but there is fun in doing it.


This is good advice.