PSA, Make The Most Of Your Trig Standings

Because according to SISI it looks like CCP is about to fix all the standings gained from the drone exploit as it appears your trig and edencom standings will be reset to what they are meant to be

So make the most of it now to burn insta pings and to move anything you need to a single trig system as you might lose access to the gates if you used it to boost them enough to visit home systems

So make the most of what you have before they fix it :slight_smile:

Also kudo’s on fixing it CCP


lol… dammit

Hey, at least they are testing their change on Sisi first - make sure to report any resulting bugs!

Pochven is dead to me.

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I think I inadvertinly raised my Trig score like +.005 ending my “final” rep in the positive; surely they are not that ana…,er stringent, in rolling back such a tiny change…are they?

You evaded the grind. CCP has zero tolerance for that. PvE forever.

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yeah that bitch

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You can always check on Sisi today. Report back and let us know if they smacked everyone or just the more serious changes.


Indeed nice to see them testing it there first, but yeah looks like that hammer will fall at some point, but thats fine i’ve learned i don’t actually “need” trig standings as my neutral alt can already dock and use the LP store which is pretty much the only reason for me to go to pochven, and he even killed a rogue drone legitimately to get white to triangles

The Trig/Edencom content is rubbish anyway. Might as well ruin the standings now, that we worked for.
Can you wreck something that was already rubbish?


Yes. Look at high sec. Many, CCP included, consider it rubbish and they wrecked it further with Trig Shits. CCP always finds ways to make even the most annoying thing even more annoying.

Redeeming value of all of this: So far it looks like all of the developer time went into useless junk space that is inhabited by 15-20 people in space at most times. All this crap for 20 people. :rofl:


Nice. Came up with this exploit by myself. Maybe the first actually. Wasn’t hard to do anyways.

Gonna spend whole night moving all the suff into a single system, moving excessive investments out, getting a couple of alts in, making some standings for them etc…


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So far the calculation on SiSi seems correct, I’m back to 0.01 for both, which accounts for the few ticks I got from Povchen rats. So empire travel is still save. Just completed evac op.

Was a fun week though.

Indeed, mine seems to be correct, which is fine :slight_smile:

If they reset the standing I’m never spending another dime on this ever again.

They don’t really want you to think - they just want those plex swipes.

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So, what you’re saying is, you would boycott a game financially just because they fixed an exploit and reset your standings to what they should have actually been if you hadn’t used the exploit? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a Sandbox MMO.
That has a Test Server.
Do you mean to tell me no one shot any rats at all before pushing this live?
CCP is just trolling people now.

I dislike how the launcher is writing MB/sec when it means Mb/sec …
… because I can not actually download 20 MegaBytes per second on my 30MBit connection.

Hm … Singularity isn’t up.