Who is operating in Trig Space and what are you doing?

It is funny. We used to fight each other. Now we just shoot NPCs?

The NPCs even turned out to be better gankers oO



It is rather disturbing that the Triglavians are so unpredictable and the other players now seem boring and one dimensional.

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The trigs could think outside of the box because they were the box.

Box? Triangle?

Think outside?

It is all so philosophical.

It’s all so Geometrical :smiley:



‘Palatable’ ? How do you mean ?

I’m pretty sure it’s referring to the horrible taste left in ones mouth when you kill NPCs for hours and see a +0.0001 increase in standings for the effort exerted (times and standing gains may be exaggerated to assist in clarifying the point).


I have been in meanwhile three or four different T-Space systems.
Maybe allways at the wrong time and or wrong spot.
But I saw mostly NPCs shooting each other , and one or two times a scavanger ninja-looting the field.
But no players to interact with.

In Archee yesterday night I had following contend:
2 green ore sites
1 green combat site
2 outgoing J-Space conections.

Now the question to some more informed pilots than me:
Is that all I can expect there?
Is there anything of value in T-Space that makes it worth to kill a sh**-load of NPCs to grind Trig-standing for using the gates ?
Maybe some very good Ore or a good drop-rate for ship BPCs ?

Niarja is a bit of a bloodbath, too. CODE lost a citadel there yesterday.

Nope. It’s not meant for greedy people who only ever care about money.

That was to be expected, though.
They had one there and someone ought to remove it to see what’s inside.

I’m actually glad I’m not in there.

Sad, so sad.
I hunt greedy people

I can’t play EVE because my notebook bluescreened while it was running …
… and then bluescreened at the Welcome screen …
… and then skipped the Welcome screen after another attempt.

Why’s that related to this thread, you wonder?

Because I can’t risk doing anything at all until I figure out what’s wrong.

Can’t grind standings,
can’t explore the neighbouring system,
can’t look for wormholes popping up,
can’t mine,
can’t watch the SuperNexus despawn.

What great ■■■■■■■ timing this is!
On a ■■■■■■■ sunday!

There. Shared my frustration.
Thank you for your attention.


You didn’t need those standings and whatnot anyway. :wink:

GRRRRR :slight_smile:

Actually they were already quite helpful.
They’ve helped me figure out which systems are going to be the future triglavian rookie systems.


Ohohoh, the microsoft USB installer tool is at 95% at two+ hours.
Time for it to tell me that there’s an error and abort the operation!

Just spam local with your coordinates. I’m sure someone will be along shortly to assist you.

The trig space WHs spawn NPC fleets which drop new loot for the trig LP store. That’s the way to make isk there. You’d know that if you’d have read the guide above.

See if the manufacturer of the motherboard/hardware has any firmware updates. Seen my share of new software causing blue-screens because they were calling on things the hardware - that had early firmware - could not deliver.