Thank you, CCP, for this awesome new release!

I seriously appreciate it!

My mate’s sitting in one of the trig systems, scanning entries/exits …
… and I’m currently outside researching how the standings mechanics work …
… aka what’s to gain based on shooting what.

I don’t want to use the internet for that. Maybe someone else posted information,
but I rather play and figure it all out myself.


Shooting drone sites doesn’t appear to be doing anything anymore …
… shooting EDENCOMs doesn’t really give much of a boost … (0.001 per ship, regardless of type)
… and Drifters/Lancers …
… uhm …
… well … as soon as I’m not getting my ass handed to me by a Drifter I’ll report back on that.

Almost had a Lancer down, but had to warp out. Since then they’re always with Drifters …
… and I can’t yet handle those properly.

I appreciate the looks of Tspace. These systems look more volumetric.
It doesn’t feel as flat as so much other space.

I appreciate the new mechanics/happenings in the systems as well.
We’re still looking into them!

Also NPC fights which are not seen by anyone. That’s a bummer … lol …
… but I still appreciate that they exist, because it means there’s a chance I run into one.

Thank you for making me play again.



It is nice to see you enjoying yourself, Solstice. I hope you continue to do so.


yeah :roll_eyes:

Sadly I can’t Like your post, but I can still give you a …

… thank you! :slight_smile:

It’s good to see some positive post instead of the usual “CCP is awful!” whining and moaning that goes on here. I’d like to jump on this boat and also praise the developers for the much needed feature of being able to switch off the 3D rendering. It really made last night’s 10% tidi blobfest tolerable and I didn’t have to worry about smoke coming out of my hardware. Thank you CCP for finally getting me back into big fights. :kissing_heart:

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Really cool system design. I would call it…idiot-proof.
warp outgate warp outgate warp outgate.
Everlasting loop with stupid standing grindfest, perfect!

Real innovation for future revision of all systems in one sandbox game…


Your in the wrong thread. This is the thread where we sing praise to CCP. Go piss and moan in all the other complaint threads.


I really like those in-universe ads made by the corporations.
Also the new “Do you have a clear vision” with the sad face … hahahhaa. xD

The ads add greatly to the game feeling alive.

Very appreciated!

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“Machariel - Available to Everyone!”

Holy cow!!! a positive post…I’m lost for words. :slight_smile:


Has potential, but the performance is bad, jumping gates takes ages, and the skybox is just paint over the normal background. Minor things which can be fixed.

The real problem is standing req. and the lack of sane ways to get to it. Combined with being full out centered around group PvE and mining.

AFAIK except shooting EC there is no way anymore to get trig standing in k-space. The rats in Trig space are different types. This locks out the majority of people in New Eden from the new content… and :joy: to you fighting for Edencom, you got nothing.

BTW, I now know where all the spod went :stuck_out_tongue:


I would suggest that the difficulty is what makes it, which is why that standing exploit was so bad, I hope CCP reversed the standings that they got from doing it, but my contacts have noted some characters of the people who I would define as serial exploiters who I never saw doing PvE for the Trigs with the standings to move around easily in all systems so I think CCP have not done that. Will be good trying to get into this area when I come back in May 2021, at least my contacts will be able to help me get to speed.

Good to see you happy Sol. I should point out that this is the exact type of environment that appeals to what I would define as elite Eve players, so for me seeing you get stuck in and thriving would be great, for me this environment proves that the devs do get the game.



Btw, I’ve been farming drone sites too. I did it, because others did it. Then I’ve noticed people shooting only the structures, so I started doing that as well. Then the exploit notification came. lol Good Sol I am, I started shooting structures FIRST and then clearing the rest of the site. :slight_smile:

I’m quite happy all the envious people are not getting in.
It’s all their own fault for not thinking ahead. :slight_smile:

You’re hereby officially invited to come visiting our system.
I promise we won’t shoot you. Safe passage doesn’t exist,
but we try to survive on our way back in.

I can even provide you with a tiny bit triglavian standing,
though it’s really easy just ganking EDENCOM ships yourself.
You require standings to get past the Triglavians guarding the hole.

Though not until in a few hours, when me and Pedro are both ready again.

■■■■ yeah! Thank you! This is great! I love it!
And it’s not so god damn ■■■■■■■ easy and simple!
I’m so glad most people are locked out of it … you probably can imagine! :smiley:

How are you doing?
Everything alright?

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I have two PvP characters with positive Trig standings. :slight_smile: But I will look forward to seeing you in May 2021 then.

Everything is fine, having a break due to Forum corruption, it is a subscription punishment break for CCP for allowing this to happen and for overall poor forum management.


Good. :slight_smile:

I’d love talking about this …
… in a seperate thread. :slight_smile:

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Wait… What?

i cant read these new fonts and colour… made everything soo difficult… why?


Hey, just like it’s my fault for not thinking ahead far enough.
I’ve gone over this in the other thread.

No one can deny that they could have planted themselves into these sytems,
but they didn’t. No one can deny they could have farmed standings easily during the months
in which it was as easy as following the active fleet.

It really all boils down to people making the wrong decisions …
… and failing to admit it. That’s why I’m happy for the guys in Raravoss.

They’re doing it ■■■■■■■ right and we have a lot to catching up to do.

And I love it! :blush:
Best release in a long ■■■■■■■ time. :smiley:


Luck may have factored into your good fortune.