You've really done it this time CCP

Honestly, this game game is now amazing.

I asked you years ago for some polish and you have delivered, 5 star, love it.

I played the game from 2003-2004, then 2008-2014 and was not impressed tbh.

Today, I am amazed at what you have done, this game feels alive, like a living breathing cosmos.

I want to sincerely say thank you, to be able to log in and have a multitude of interface’s of cool stuff to do means so much. Every aspect of this game is perfect,.

Only criticism I have are that extractors in your shop are over priced.

That’s it, compliments to the chef, will be here now until I’m fully grey.



Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


/steals popcorn


/steals sunglasses off emoji


That is the impression I had coming out of the tutorial. Even the station interior was alive. I asked a long question in Corporation window thinking I was in Rookie and still got a full detailed answer by another player and we’re friends now. I suggested to fleet and help each orher.
The living breathing world is evident on undock. I haven’t yet made more than 5 jumps but I’m already overwhelmed with how many things there is to learn and do.
New Eden is a sci-fi lover’s paradise.


Calm down miner.

Incursions are better than ever tho

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yea Eve is in better state than pre scarcity and blackout. people were very uncertain how its gonna end. but i guess it went mostly all according to plan.

There’s always one that can’t resist.


A supportive thread ? Must be from that Avalanche announcement, eh ?

Off to sow more corn, we’re going to need it.

You think they’ve given it a polish. There are still so many annoyings that should have been sorted years ago. I will give a couple of quick examples. It’s 2024 and you still cannot “repackage” items in side Station containers. Another random one, Ship skins. WTF is there not any universal ship skins ?

Looks to me that he is one of those that CCP aimed all that needless graphic improvements, UI reworks and client rework. Because that is the only thing they polished and for absurd cost.

CCP has done a really great job in the sound department and graphics. 5 Stars.

I echo that sentiment. The game held my attention for a whole day the first time I played it and the career agents missions were just a small part of that day.
The game looks and sounds amazing and the ships are literally out of this world. I was gifted a shuttle and it was really a pleasure to fly it around and create bookmarks where I thought I would need them.
I have 6 games in my steam library and EVE has become my favorite.

Thank you for the kind words! I know our development teams are very excited to get EVE Online: Equinox into your hands and continue on providing awesome improvements and new challenges for players to master.


It certainly looks nice