What has CCP done right?

There is a lot of criticism toward CCP and also by myself. But lets change the subject a little? What do you think CCP has done right?

After returning i was impressed with the various navy issue ships. When i stopped playing some time ago the navy issue ships seemed more like vanity items. Now the price seems right, the bonuses seem right, and there is a wide variety as well :slight_smile:

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Presentation. I love the style of EVE. This game has some of my absolute favorite ship designs, station designs, and hell even the skyboxes are gorgeous. This gane is very, very cozy on a cold winter afternoon.

I also have to give it up for the Chronicles which are really well written and add a lot of depth to the setting.

I have to give it a hard no on the presentation. I mean do you even know what its like to play on low graphic settings? Do you know what thats like? Some of the ship redisgns also make me want to puke. They changed The Badger (Now Tayra and something else) into something that looks like a shopping cart. I can go on and on. And i also think we need CCP to focus their efforts else where. We have had enough ship re-designs, new shaders, new station interiors. There has been enough of that imo. Sorry this thread wasnt meant to dunk on anything but i had to say something there.

Skill injectors, generally the market experience, UI improvements.


I regret making this thread

This is not a thread stating what CCP has done in recent times. Its a thread about what they have done right. And they have changed the UI but its hardly better. The market experience? I think the UX is not great. Skill injectors? They penalize active players, the more SP you have, the more you have played the game, the bigger the SP tax on you is. That may seem fair in some kind of universe, but it is not something players enjoy. Im going to leave now. And probably never come back.

Okay. Sounds like, as with so many of your threads, people disagree and you have a hard time accepting that.


I accept it and im going to leave

Its CCPs fault that you have a lousy computer ? Mine manages Eve perfectly on the highest settings…99% of the time with no lag or issues whatever.


Everything. I have not one complaint about CCP or the game.
I have never played a game where a GM contact me asking if everything was alright, what can he do for me then give me free ships and the modules to fit them.
I have never received a survey from other games, concerned with inclusivity and how to improve.
I have never played a game that provides a MER.
Never played a game with player representatives who have access to devs.

The game is beautiful. The mechanics work great. The sounds and music are awesome. The UI is good, no worse than any other game. The ability to access something from different parts of the UI is convenient and well thought-out. The ships are great ( except the Tyra ), the PvP is handled well ( although I must insist that ALL space should be like Null ), the PvE is extensive throughout, the missions are fine, the NPE is good…
I will play EVE until I die or the server shuts down, whichever comes first.


So would I if I’d lost 40 Coercers in 14 days. Isn’t all this bleating about CCP really just an excuse ? The game was bad…and not your own playing of it, sort of thing.


The visuals of the teaser for the expansion were done very right. Looking forward to more walking in space action!

A lot of the visual overhauls, and the amazing ability of CCP’s team for code and graphics optimization remain industry leading – straight up. Being able to scale things back to potato mode that my circa 1990 pentium three with a dedicated voodoo GPU and able to get into the game with the current patch/revision…is more than what I can say about the windows operating system.

The designs of the sansha, angel cartel, and mordu were done right. The daredevil as well…though the reskinned thorax and megathron not getting unique models for those ships is very disappointing after all of this time… wait crap

the vidual effects and overhauls, dynamic damage to the ships, etc. are all beautiful and I’m looking forward to the newer space/ambiance visuals as well.

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Which CCP?

The CCP of 15 years ago is most definitely not the CCP of today.

–Gadget requires clarification


Warp stabilizers and bubble immunity balance pass, imo it makes much more sense now and requires input and planning.

Once you’re caught, you’re caught. All there’s left to do is sit back and have a sip of that tea.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose and don’t fit your ship with useless modules :grinning:

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Really. I had a warp stabilizer on that Sigil and it did diddly squat. I can’t believe I paid over a million for that piece of junk.