Why is it everything CCP does seems half assed

Like serious.

ESS, Wormholes, Trigs, Faction warfare, PI, Structures.
All of it seems half-baked. like they do the initial release and then forget it’s there. How many years has it taken to come back to faction warfare?
Even ships.
EVE’s biggest thing seems half-assed these days. Other games seem to have caught on to the entire collection thing. Yet EVE has had the same static collection of ships for years now. And when they do add new stuff or have an opportunity to make unique things they just cut and paste from before.
like 2 months shouldn’t go by without the release of at least 1 entire new ship or alternative ship model to collect. Seems like a no-brainer to me but here we are. In a spaceship game, the only new ship in 6 months is a shuttle.


The more you add the more impossible thing’s are to balance, Eve is not a coninually scaling game so balance means a lot more than other games where you can just boost stat’s 5x on everything every patch till people are doing 3bil dps.

FW update is coming and it will not be half assed have patience.


You cant just add ships for “collection” there needs to be a reason why, outside of AT ships, that a new ship is needed. What is its job/specialty? What sets it apart from other ships etc.


I wish me a cruiser sized superbomber. @CCP_Rise mentioned them years ago. More fun and flames than enduring hard scarcity/redesign times trying to build a cap/supercap at crazy prices :stuck_out_tongue:


Or if nothing else just bring back space mines. :smiling_imp:


Oof those cobra mines >>

Ships aren’t content, we are content. If you feel ships are content you’re playing the wrong game (no surprise there).


Aww yes yes yes, I never actually saw them used. But sounds like fun


OP sounds more like discontent to me though. :smirk:


Probably because they’re playing the wrong game :grin:


The only way to play wrong is “win”.
The rest is simply perspective.

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Sure. It’s just that some people cry and whine about base premises of the game and have been doing so for years while they keep playing a game they don’t enjoy. Other people will cry and whine about anything, all the time. That’s not an issue with the game, that’s an issue with the player.

Not saying EVE doesn’t have issues… obviously.

I am not saying I completely disagree, but it would be nice if you explained why exactly do you think all that content is “half-assed”.

Btw, I have the same problem on my own neverwinter nights server, since I am the sole developer I often add something new and then I wait for player feedback. Which I won’t get, or that fedback is largely negative without any constructive criticism or suggesion how to make it better. So I keep it there as is, move on and wait for someone to suggest how to fix that old content which never happens.

But that is hardly the case for CCP… :slight_smile:

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O yea we give tons of idea’s but the thing is the developers think “We will listen to your idea’s extract why you want it changed from that and make our own solutions to it.”

There are hundreds of fittings permutations of existing ships…so any new ship really has to justify its existence without screwing up the balance that has been tweaked over the years.


It’s because they’re a half assed company and employ alts to create the appearance of popular support for shitty decision making


I’m going to go ahead and suggest we are part of the problem.

All of these things work as they are. If you start making changes to them some part of the community is going to decry it as a nerf and demand its switched back meanwhile someone else is going to be complaining that is hasn’t, been updated in years. Its damded if you do… you know the rest.

For my sins I play a little League from time to time. Every time I get back to the game there is a new toon and its getting to the point now they are all homogenised versions of themselves and the only toons anyone wants to play are the latest ones that are released in an over powered state to entice people to spend. Also people will be opposed to their meta being affected and the people building ships are going to get annoyed when their stock gets left on the shelf because the new power creep ship came out that everyone wants to fly before it gets nerfed into the ground.

Since apocrypha they have been in one from our another of an unrealistic time crunch. So they don’t actually have enough time to design, implement, improve and iterate. This leads to projects being rushed out, given a tight window to respond to feedback then it’s off to the next item. By the time they circle back to it (if they ever do) the original team has been disseminated to other project and/or has several or all members no longer working at ccp.

A great example is the amarr ewar frigate. It was originally supposed to be the first ship with warp animations but they didn’t have time to fix an issue where engine trails would still be produced by covered engines. So they put it into the game fully extended with the plan that they would add the retracting animation once they fixed the bug.

Well as you can see with many ships that bug has been fixed but our friend the crusifier has been forgotten about.

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Hardly living up to the promise of being the best spaceship sim ever if it doesn’t appeal to all

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That’s Star Citizen’s tagline.