EVERYTHING I Learned from the CSM 18 Candidates

  1. What has CCP got correct?


This question is definitely a struggle, because there are issues they struggle with even when they’re doing right. Overall, they do seem to listen to us somewhat. When we have issues, whether it’s CSM or the entire community bringing it up, they do listen and act on it. For example, the P2W crap they tried recently. We immediately went into an uproar and they took it out. Another example, FW. They did the big release and continued to iterate on it after receiving feedback.


Not going to name everything, but a few stand-outs are changing cyno’s to recons only and more recently the Uprising/Veridian expansions. FW was a good improvement, I won’t say it’s perfect but it’s good that CCP finally addressed the old FW system.


In my opinion, CCP is doing the right thing by continuing to work on improving the gaming experience, and the visuals of the game also play a major role!


I believe CCP has done a lot of good over the years but thats all trial and error. They keep adding to the game in an effort to bring new life and that shows they really care about the game.


Continue to itterate on the game and keep it as balanced as possible while using data in addition to listening to and using feedback from the community.


CCP has at times been very good about listening to the player base, and properly responded to concerns raised by us. The recent “golden ammo” thing is a good example of CCP listening to player feedback. As was the creation of the CSM.


They regularly add changes to EVE, work with the community, collect feedback, make EVE “live and active” for a long time, experiment (Dust 514, Valkyrie)


Focusing on the new player experience. By engaging new players and teaching them how to do basic things, we’re setting them up for a better future in New Eden.


These questions are way too broad and not really answerable in anything besides the most general, meaningless terms.

- To be fair Angry Mustache was my first pick on my ballot last year and probably will be again this year. Having said that this was his entire answer to all 8 questions. His characterisation of the questions as meaningless cracks me up every time I read it. Angry Mustache is an example of a facts based thinker.


Distribution of minerals across space, creating bottlenecks that the market adjusts to. Muninn Change


For good or bad, not being afraid to try new things. From Pochven, or twitch interaction so we can bet on the Alliance Tournament. There’s plenty of interesting things always happening.


Keep this game running for 20 years, looking like another 20 more


Their commitment to non-intervention outside of actual cheating and limited edge cases is a huge boon to eve, on a fundamental level it is what allows EVE to stand apart from any other sandbox game, its why the universe has such a rich and diverse history


I think CCP’s dedication to Eve is their biggest gold star. They make mistakes along the way, but the enthusiasm and excitement you can see from CCP employees is always very telling.




Most stuff actually


CCP runs the best and most impactful sandbox virtual world ever created.


Talking to players. Not just the CSM mind you although that is part of it, roundtables at Fanfests, surveys (such as they are), talking to player experts who were NOT elected when need be, and hiring from the player base. All of these make for strong lines of communication between CCP and the players.


not rejecting new content in paid product


They still try to change and reinvent new eden with expansions. Keeping the game evolving is vital for it’s health


They recognize that player driven events, politics, and content are what makes EVE stand out and they leverage it accordingly in their marketing.


CSM changes to the current election process (adding the two additional randomly appointed who fall outside the top 10, finally gives a chance to get more broader representation hopefully).


A good framework for flying spaceships with friends and an economy based around that. I obviously enjoy most things about EVE.

Rico Shikkkoken

  • Inactivity is not punished - other MMOs being inactive means you lag behind in terms of skill compared to your comrades and in some key items (such as pets) will die if you don’t feed them.
  • Skill injectors (controversial I know) - Skill injectors allow individuals or organizations to allow junior members to catch up in ability to some extent to their more senior counterparts without having the only option to wait a long time. Earned isk can be converted to skill points, but at diminishing returns as you increase your skill point max. In the second corp I was in, I was provided 2 skill injectors to fly a T1 version of a doctrine ship, without that my ability to contribute (and therefore have fun) would have been much more limited.
  • The story - although not perfect the lore of eve is deep and fascinating, it does not need there to be constant war between two factions, a constantly introduced and defeated existential threat or a simple binary of “good guys” “bad guys” like many other games fall foul of. This story makes the world of eve even more interesting.
  • The ESI. Simply allowing players to access data in the game has allowed for the development of a whole swath of tools filling in roles that cannot easily be done with the tools provided in game. It adds a whole new dimension to the game.
  • Continuous upgrading - graphics, sound, wormhole space, Pochven, by adding new styles of gameplay and making the game look and sound modern, eve is able to attract new players and potentially give something new to older players. Not all changes are good don’t get me wrong but at least the game still receives new stuff regularly.

Alcoholic Satan

Poch, CRABs, the FW update, ending scarcity, the siege green update. CCP has shown a willingness to break from their current course and revert decisions that they’ve made instead of staying the course to save face and also take risks to introduce new things that have never been done before.

Sol Weintroub

Lots of stuff, because we are still playing this game and spending years in it.

Lady Death Strike

Ccp has done alot of things correctly. They have given every player a place to play, poch, wormhole, null sec etc. They averted disaster when the player count got really low, they made mobile compression a thing, coupled with the mining changes has made eve alot better. I really love those changes, I feel They do a great job at trying to give everyone something to do. Faction war, that was a great update as well. The art team, wow such beautiful sights to see.

Dario Kaelenter

They created this awesome space ship game which is pretty open ended with a very rich back story and continue to develop and add content to keep people interested. One cool evolution especially that people don’t really have too much ongoing interaction with tho is the character generation tool. So much flexibility and customisation options that I’m sure many other character games have tried to get close to and until Balder’s Gate 3 most have failed. I have friends that have played with it just for the cool flexibility there.

Storm Delay

The past few balance passes have been good overall, and I believe they are going to keep being on that level for the moment. The FW update was pretty good. LP taxation and trading is a huge success. Photon UI was a difficult project, but I think it was a great success and enabling multiple overviews was a huge upgrade for people like me.

Kontan Rekor

I feel like they adequately keep the game running, there are issues of course, but I don’t share the same doom-and-gloom opinions that some older players may have.

Gabriel Bemenacth

Create, maintain and expand on the most sand boxy sandbox ever


The recent FW changes have been good overall. Reducing PI volume was a nice change.

William Chen

I won’t lie, there are times when I feel like the only thing CCP got something right, is when they keep throwing sh*t at a wall and see what sticks, but call me crazy the visual update was really cool to draw in new players, it just doesn’t look like a game that is 20+ years old.

Arhont Sibirski

The general trend of the game. I like the rebalance of ships and their construction. Yes, this rebalance stirred up the general masses of players and some of those people who were involved in production could not adapt. But against this background, other layers of players began to rise. Gas producers, scanners, and people who are in intermediate production such as those who are in the planetary industry.

Twan Molengar

The complete Revamp Of Factional Warfare although in my opinion far from completed it definitely feels a lot better and is also encouraging more PVP,

Rots Mijnwerker

Its a great question - we often drone on about the negatives with CCP.

I think CCP does do well with rolling out relatively consistent content albeit not everyone’s flavor from patch to patch etc.


[this a pretty loaded question if you are an old school player, or even a player from 2020 (Pre-Scarcity Forward)] I think the only thing gotten right has been the counter gank action. They broke the wealth loop of the alpha accounts being generated to kill players who were hard working and getting ganked and couldn’t counter or even take offensive measures. (IE Ganking the Ganker) Now professional ganking is an omega thing. [Not even the art team gets a bone?..thats another issue and problem to be discussed in two.]

Corporal Fillip


Amelia Duskspace

CCP has gotten a few things moving in the correct path:

  1. Pochven was a great addition to the game especially around Observatory Flashpoints that exemplify the risk/reward structure the game should push forward to. They need to increase the risk more on this to get it into the correct spot, but the idea is great!
  2. CCP has continued to make good QOL changes that are amazing like jump cloning in same station and not getting timer.
  1. What has CCP got incorrect?

Torvald Uruz

They can seem very disconnected from their playerbase. They chase crap that we didn’t ask for or don’t want, but they seem to think they know what’s best. A big example of this, the entire customization of citadels the paragon/dailies. Aesthetics/customization is the easiest thing in the world to monetize, and they decided to go the complete wrong way with it and basically make it this entire system that we didn’t ask for. For now this is only on structures, but they showcased a ton of stuff at Fanfest 2022 (heraldry), which is an easy monetization item that they passed up completely on to justify this paragon/evermark crap.

Another huge issue with CCP, timelines and tunnel visioning. They made scarcity last for so long and that’s really the only thing they focused on during that entire time period. They have a horrible habit of taking way too long to do stuff, and putting everything else on the backburner while they work. They have all of these development teams yet they seem to focus them all on one task. For example, right now they’re working on these grand narrative story arcs.

Stitch Kaneland

This is a much larger list, but I don’t feel like typing all day, so i’ll add some bullet points

  • Up until recently (and even still maybe), CCP has an absolutely glacial pace in regards to iteration on problem areas. This could be ship balance, ecosystem, QoL etc. It feels like we’re destined to suffer through terrible changes for years until someone wakes up and tweaks some numbers.
  • Nullification change was terrible and really not needed, especially in how it was implemented. It nerfed actual tackle ships and for some inexplicable reason, made DST’s near immune to any kind of interdiction.
  • CCP’s left arm doesn’t seem to know what its right arm is doing. Hence why we repeatedly get issues where CCP’s marketing department releases special boosters as part of a booster pack that provide in game benefits for real money (aka gold ammo) without the other departments seemingly realizing this. CCP nukes all their community goodwill, CCP’s departments acknowledge each other, realize this was a mistake and pull it. This has happened several times now
  • CCP’s refusal to admit when something is wrong/bad for the game, but are too stubborn/prideful to admit it. So instead of changing it in a reasonable time frame, we have to wait years (typically with management changes) to finally get the bad/broken thing addressed properly. Currently, this is scarcity, or the remnants of it (why are T1 BS almost 400m?!)

Nala Queen

They change a lot of things at once, which makes some players overwhelmed by these changes!

RGC Godfather

skill injectors

Dutch Gunner

I don’t think CCP does things incorrectly. They might not execute things ideally, but that doesn’t mean they do things incorrectly.

Grima the Mad

I feel that at times CCP can be blinded by a potential avenue to make more money. This can be seen in things like the initial wave of “luxury cosmetics” for our characters that came around with Incarna. Direct sale of SP doesn’t quite sit well with me, but that’s neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.

Kilyavi Alaailaa

Unobvious or uninteresting aspects of the game lie on the shelves for a long time without changes.
Strange and obscure changes come out periodically without explanation.

Kshal Aideron

Starting things and either not tying up loose ends or… SQUIRREL and we’re off to something else. The NPE is a really good example of this. After adding mining to the NPE and tidying up the career missions, we were supposed to get an exploration tutorial. No idea if this is even still part of CCP’s plans. So I guess we can also throw communication in here.

Gideon Zendicar

Isk generation should scale with risk/reward - High sec abysaals currently break this concept and Null is severly underpresented here, Ansiblexes. T1 ship balance (esp. T1 dreads, carriers and t1 Battleships), monetisation


Gotta say that it’s primarily developer/playerbase interaction. They’re getting much better at it than before, however. But it is something I would like to see expanded.

Medicine Tetro

Pandering too much to null blocks and multiboxers instead of new and potential users.

Drake Idon

CCP’s communication, both to players and within its own company is disgustingly poor, we see the end result time and time again where CCP puts its foot in its mouth and fucks something up on something so fundamental, we saw this in the evermarks system, the ship sales, and more recently the widom of gheinok booster that was sold for real money

Dark Shines

Some of there, what i’m assuming are, management decisions about game direction and development have been absolutely atrocious and the messaging around it tone deaf. Scarcity being one of the biggest ones.

From the outside looking in it appears to be a lack of knowledge on the actual in game reality, something I would hope to be able to help with if elected.


They sometimes waste good opportunities

Gustav Manfred

Failed to communicate certain things, like the thing with the arena or the exact reasons why the old arena was removed


The company occasionally encroaches upon the sandbox with extremely poisonous monetisation schemes, I hope they always see reason and cancel like they did recently.

Mike Azariah

Well the blithe answer would be ‘not always listening to the players’ in spite of my answer to number 1. But I think it goes deeper than that and is an internal problem of growth and age . . . I think CCP at times does not communicate internally enough so those who do ‘know’ cannot warn marketing when they have some ‘great new idea’ to generate revenue.

Yondu Quill

Not rejecting new content in paid product and delivery of above

Velonad Tyldamere

Trying to shill gold items/in-game advantages for PLEX/money
Microtransactions for direct in-game benefits is something I will push hard against.

The Oz

Frequent reckless marketing / monetization campaigns are threatening the in-game economy and testing and crossing player loyalty limits.


To many Skillpoint bonus pack offers.

Dujek Oneye

Any way of limiting or regulating the number of “special” things. Titans, sov, people in a coalition, anything that stops you from making everyone blue, or groups from monopolizing certain areas of the game. That isn’t to say I wish to make titans 1/alliance or whatnot, but there are things that might warrant a more even distribution, that holding corps make impossible to limit.

Rico Shikkkoken

  • Scarcity - From my understanding the theory was a scarcity of resources breeds conflict, but I think this is only partially true. Scarcity everywhere does not breed conflict but prevent it as prices increase therefore risk calculations favor non engagement more often. Now to be clear I am not advocating for what I am about to say and am using it as an example: If CCP instead made it so areas that were mined regularly spawned fewer resources and those that are mined less spawn more that would drive people to control the areas that spawn more resources as another mechanism for driving conflict that might have seen more success - again not advocating for this.
  • Station skins - they are hideous. I saw one post on the eve facebook group with a structure with a skin that should not be allowed to be viewed even as an image or at least be given a health warning for how ugly it was.
  • Various interfaces - some are just so difficult to use and would put off a new player and frustrate a veteran, for example setting up a new overview is a nightmare.
  • Dropping Linux support - way too late to reverse but a shame they didn’t continue with this and upgrade the game with libraries available on all platforms.
  • Some things feel unfinished - T3 ships they got a cruiser and destroyer and stopped, some pirate factions have only 3 ships others a lot more, etc.
  • Ending Dust 451… I don’t need to add to that

Alcoholic Satan

Poch, CRABs, the FW update, ending scarcity, the siege green update. CCP has shown a willingness to break from their current course and revert decisions that they’ve made instead of staying the course to save face and also take risks to introduce new things that have never been done before.

Sol Weintroub

I guess, that Lore stuff could play more role in the game and various activities.

Lady Death Strike

What they aren’t doing correctly is helping the new bud. We need to make a new bud area where they can learn, I mean really learn the game. I read stories all the time in reddit of people who like eve but hate they get ganked and never can advance anyplace. They quit after. They, ccp hasn’t done a great job for the solo players and their ability to advance in game. It usually takes more than 1 account. To save the game we need to get them in space, with a very decent ship, that can be replaced some what fast. all the while that player is using 1 account.

Dario Kaelenter

Red Dot additions. Though I think also the transition from POS code to Structures. There still are so many using POS because they still has some great advantages over Upwells. And some of the advantages of Upwells have been eroded as they may not have been as carefully thought out initially and then CCP pandered to the moaning from a certain block. I think the changes to Capital and Battleship Production had good factors such as expanding to include other resources but maybe it was a little too much. Capital parts alone now costing 4 or more times as much to produce plus the addition of additional parts really has impacted on more than just dread blobs and turned people off small time production giving the larger lo sec and null sec blocks more monopoly over the production.

Storm Delay

The management of ESI and all the incidents around disabling some endpoints is a huge issue, and while it seems to be going in the right direction it’s far from being great yet. The lancer dreads and their interaction with JFs have left me completely baffled. They still don’t seem willing to remove failed experiments from the game, e.g. metaliminal storms.

Kontan Rekor

There’s a list here for sure, but the one important thing I feel like has been lack of adequate communication before changes happen that are going to be clearly hugely unpopular. Examples being lancers vs. jump freighters and the recent combat booster snafu.

Gabriel Bemenacth

Communicate and manage expectations


I think the BS/Faction ship industry changes had an understandable purpose behind it; to give a way to differentiate and therefore modify costs of those ships separate from the rest of the T1 ship line. But ever since then they’ve been way too expensive, they need those changes tuned back a bit.

Arhont Sibirski

There are many bad decisions. Alas. I’m not happy enough with the change in faction wars. CCP made the necessary and correct rebalancing of fv. But in my opinion, not hard enough. NPCs are completely stupid. They do not throw any electronics and do nothing to keep the player. WEB Scramblers disruptors. This gives rise to the feeling that catching targets is almost useless. As well as flying in factional wars for the purpose of PVP. Group points for 5 people is a complete failure. I expected to see group points that would NEED to be closed exactly in the group. And there is an ordinary enemy from a single complex. This is weird. Why not make NPCs at least at group points stronger? There is a great example of a Battlefield for 30+ people. More intelligent NPCs are already sitting there. They are much more interesting. Group points now spawn just LP farmers. Which sit on t1 frigates and destroyers and press 1 button.

Twan Molengar

The Monetizing of more and more stuff. it was good that the community was outraged over the last pack as that was a step towards pay to win Assets.

Rots Mijnwerker

What i think CCP should consider is how they justify their increased subscriptions on a decades old game. I think i would love to see a clear and concise roadmap from CCP which includes new and old mechanics expanded and well thought out and solid content.


Sighs internally, rolls out the scroll of doom.

  • 2 years of Scarcity. Trying to “undo” a problem that could have been solved or “gradiated” in response to a problem. Rorquals might have been a problem. But one of the major issues was the difference in mining drones has a massive gap between the highest “light” mining drone…and the Excavator Drone. There is no in between solution for the problem. [Consider the combat drone selection is light/medium/heavy/sentry. There is no such gradient for mining drones. Which would have impacts on how mining and resource collection would have been optimized.]
  • Price hike was a disaster, because it didn’t factor in exchange rates or internet based taxes. So after literally having a captive audience during the “Cough Years” CCP kind of did a “cart before the horse situation.” In many cases EVE Online is now competing with recent release games in pricing for subscriptions. The Price needs to be brought down into 18-16-14-12 price range per month.
  • Unsubscribing Protest, after all the changes with Mining and Industry. People began to de-subscribe which is starting to be felt in the game. When Industrial and Mining players unsubscribe the majority of the games mining and hauling falls on T1 non omega ships [Haulers and Ventures], that are further compromised by Omega time skill caps. I believe we are starting to feel the pain from that set of problems 2 years ago.
  • As much good the art team has added to the game, I think there needs to be a massive QA review of artwork materials. Back in 2020, I could play this game on medium settings without much problem. But in 2021 through 2023 alot of the graphical upgrades and changes have increased the lag and other issues in the game. I believe a simplification, streamlining, optimization process needs to be looked into. Why is this game not allowing one to turn on or off graphical changes? Or better yet, why wasn’t the March 2023 Graphics Patch not implemented, which by the way will allow players to run the game on high settings without much load. [For high end machines this patch is nothing, for low end machines it was like night and day.]
  • I understand that over the years due to or in spite of the CSM, CCP has misread the room or implemented things that have had long lasting negative effects on the game. I understand this game has nearly unlimited potential; but due to some of the ongoing issues and egos clashing many things that would have been beneficial have been delayed. Or, the beneficial content has been removed.
  • To be honest, there are so many different incorrect choices, many of which that are “cheered” as a beneficial change, but end up creating problem in long term. Hopefully a better consideration of ecosystem will help the player base communicate what is going on. For example, compression was for the most part okay as is, just needed some expansion in mechanics. [Ship based boosting and interaction…although the Rorqual [old one] had this benefit when sieged.] We didn’t need a major change it just needed some tweaks, and some unique mechanics like super compression and decompression so there would be more massive opportunities for the mining community. But the changes and “resetting” of the compressed ore system.
  • “EVENT CODE” there seems to be some sort of bug that is pretty hardwired into the game. I have been talking with people in game for years on the subject. When EVENTS go live, I have noticed massive upspikes in cosmic signature generation [other than EVENT materials], more anoms, and weird glitched out old event sites will spawn in locations they shouldn’t be. Notes have been taken for years on this. And it has never been fully explained or fixed. But when an event ends, the spawn rate of alot of content dips dangerously low, and things are overworked.

Corporal Fillip

too-strict adherence to ‘risk means isk’

  1. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?

Torvald Uruz

  • Honestly, a ton of out of game tools. It’s annoying that we have to use Dotlan because the in game map isn’t as functional. Also, Pyfa. These are all great tools that we should have access to in game rather than relying on the awesome player developers to do CCP’s job.

  • Another thing that comes to mind, I want more dynamic PvE. The abyss is awesome but its problem is that it’s instanced content that is done in high-sec. I want to have stuff like the abyss outside in the universe. All other PvE in the game bores me, so I stick to abyssals because it’s challenging and dynamic. CCP needs to add fun PvE type content outside of the Abyss.

  • One of my huge wish list items is the ranking system in FW. I’m a huge advocate of progression systems, and I love FW, so I’d love to see the ranking system actually be used. This could be a great way to give players in FW something to work towards, while also rewarding players for hitting milestones and achievements in FW.

  • Also, this is maybe a strange one, but I’d love to see chat channels in Eve with the ability to display roles. Much like Discord, I’d like to see different people in chat channels names show up as different colors to identify them based off of roles in that group (corp/alliance/public community player ran channels).

Stitch Kaneland

Objectives, content drivers, reasons to fight people at larger scales. People only fight out of necessity, instead of for fun or to take something they find useful. It’s why the entirety of null has become stagnant with essentially 3 groups controlling all of it, but not doing anything.

I also have multiple ships i’d like to see implemented depending on the meta and need that fill certain roles that don’t currently exist. Super Heavy interdictor, T2 Attack BC, Utility Battleships etc

Nala Queen

As already suggested by Elinore en Divalone, a processing of corpses would be a useful addition, also that there may be a small chance (5%-10%) to recover implants from the processed corpses.

RGC Godfather

T2 variants of T1 battleships that dont get enough love (ie Maelstrom, Rokh)

Dutch Gunner

As per my original post, a shield equivalent of the Nestor but it’s part of the EDENCOM ship line.

Grima the Mad

Exploration missions, I think it would be fascinating to have missions geared specifically towards those of us who thoroughly enjoy the exploration game play loop. Exploration missions could be things like searching for lost ships, recovering this, that or the other thing.

Kilyavi Alaailaa

I find it difficult to answer. Perhaps boarding ships in battle

Kshal Aideron

The ability to schedule fleets ahead of time on the fleet finder. One of the largest problems with getting new players connected to fleet activity is visibility to groups actually putting on the fleets.

Runner up to this is a better way to X-UP for fleets. I’m actually having to have waitlist software programmed to help Eve Rookies manage our fleets because there’s no infrastructure within the game to help our FCs schedule and manage the actual fleet

Gideon Zendicar

Strategic topology that is not easily broken constantly by Filaments/Ansis or conduit that creates chokepoints.


The old EVE radio. Wow do I miss those old Jon Hallur songs and will still listen to it on YouTube.

Medicine Tetro

Xordazh as a player ship

Drake Idon

Allowing 50kMN and 10kMN prop modules on battleships

Also holograms, skins, more customisation as a whole

Dark Shines

I would love to see a massive expansion on Capitals and to raise the overall ceiling on ships. Wether it’s T2 Titans, or some new mega titan, or non-combat capitals that could perform another task that doesn’t instantly make the biggest groups OP.

I love the idea of a new class that would siege on a wormhole and “doomsday” it, transferring massive amounts of energy into it to stabalise the Mass.

Or something


Doctrines (a collection of several fittings that can be linked)

Gustav Manfred

The old abyssal arena


Cat Ears.

Mike Azariah

Oh so many cool ideas that players have come up with. Temporary structures for footholds or player equivalent of a FOB. ‘Scan spoofers’ that would make a Titan look like a Frigate on scan and vice versa. But if you want one answer? A few more sci fi dream possibilities . . . players come into the game wanting to be a Wily Smuggler or a Bounty Hunter and we do not really have the mechanics for those professions in game.

Yondu Quill

big dynamic events that have real impact on eden.

Velonad Tyldamere

Covert dictors?! I joke tho, since that would be insanely OP.

I guess a legitimate use for surgical warp probes or similar items that have no real purpose right now.

The Oz

Meaningful wars for strategic objectives such as access to resources.


Mobile constellation level blackout inhibitors.


Nobody is going to search for them.


Somebody already did… and did such a good job of it that he noticed I’d missed asking some candidates.

This guy Geo Eclipse Oksaras

Besides there’s a link Council Of Stellar Management - EVE Online Forums right here to the forums.

But I hear your concern, what can I do to make it better, do you have a suggestion or method in mind.

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You’re a revered member of the community, care to throw your ledger of mining licences into the ring and share your thoughts to these questions?

  1. What has CCP got correct?
  2. What has CCP got incorrect?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

I think that the community and the elections might benefit from your perspective.

I have such a low interest in the CSM what makes you think I or any average joe would find the answers??!

You need to build something that showcases the answers and the work you have done allegedly.

Even Small TLDRs of what each candidate said would suffice. This is basic journalism/academics right here. Cite your sources and showcase what you have done for others to view and comment on.

CSM candidate said “xyz” to question 1, 2, 3,4 etc.
So on and so forth.

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Dude I’m not getting paid.

Heaps of people have visited the Council Of Stellar Management - EVE Online Forums link over the past few weeks and there are comments on all the candidates pages where my questions have been posted.

@Anthony_FatTony_Amico it makes sense what you have said and I agree that you have a low interest in the CSM.

It’s possible and I might consider putting together a bunch of the answers.

I like how you wrote:

as though I might not have posted those questions on the candidates forum pages and instead just made this post alleging some questions that don’t in fact exist. Perhaps I gauged how low the interest would be and knew no one would bother to verify my dubious claim. Kudos to me right for getting some kind of clout recognition and for no effort.

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The original goal of EvE, a game about space piracy in a dystopian future, with full loot drop open world unscripted PvP. Great concept.

They have continually watered down the concept, adding more and more safe areas, instanced theme parks, barriers to PvP and protection for people who don’t enjoy a challenge. By catering to people who don’t like the game, CCP has lost most of the players who did like the game, and basically all of the original devs. You can’t simultaneously please people who want a challenging PvP game, and those who don’t. Meanwhile, PvE players have plenty of other grindy games, with better graphics and less PvP. Consequently, the player count has dropped as CCP ignores the people who actually play the game, and caters to those who will never stick around.

Cat ears. Ingame casinos. Edibles. More customization options and destructible vanity objects (like statues) that you can place in space.

Keepstars, rorqual panic modules, NPC stations, asset safety, and highsec. These are intended for carebears to avoid PvP, and they make the game static and boring. The game would improve if CCP deleted all the carebear protections and forced people directly into a wormhole. Crybabies will leave, but they will be replaced by people who enjoy challenge. The sole purpose of PvE grinding is to be a target for someone else to kill, and you get a reward if you survive. However, carebears want isk without risk, and CCP will go bankrupt if they continue to make bots their target audience. There are plenty of other games which offer endless grinding, and CCP should focus on their niche, instead of trying to turn EvE into some generic bland clone of every other grindgame.

PvP. The more CCP caters to poor sport whinebabies, the more the game dies.

PIbears should not be able to update their factories without warping to the customs office. They shouldn’t be able to sit safely in station. CCP shouldn’t make mining easier. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. Those who embrace the challenge will benefit.

There should be more ways to tax people.


Also, the NPE is absolutely terrible. It suggests miners hide in the asteroid belt, where the rocks will shield them from scanners. It’s mindboggling that CCP continues to promote an NPE made by people who don’t even play the game. The NPE should teach useful skills like how to use D-Scan, and it should discuss the reality of PvP instead of wasting new player’s time with nonsense roleplay garbage and bad advice.


Cool, wow you replied, you’re Boss!! I didn’t even read it yet. Cool. I’m going to read it.

Yeah that’s it. A complete commitment to the sandbox.

This is such a shame, I honestly don’t think that they know how to undo what they did.

This is great, I wrote something similar about this on the reddit forums yesterday that these in-your-face vanity objects are an important way of displaying power. and making them destructible is the perfect punch back.

It does, lol, that’s crazy.

@Aiko_Danuja Would you consider removing Industry from Eve if doing so improved the PVP focus, thoughts?

I don’t think there’s any need to remove industry or PvE. That’s what motivates people to undock and risk losing their stuff. However, CCP has made it far too easy to avoid PvP, to the point that people are comfortable AFK autopiloting with billions of isk. This should be more challenging, as it was in the past, and those who survive will profit.

However, as CCP dumbs the game down so that even a bot can mine, then the market economy no longer rewards skill. Miners and haulers do not actually benefit from safety protections, which flood the market with items and drive profits down for everyone. Ultimately, CCP’s approach bores the PvP players, and it also bores the miners who eventually quit when they realize they are endlessly grinding for nothing.

A better approach would be to make PvE dangerous, and exposed to PvP. Eventually, the market will respond to scarcity, and the profits for PvE will increase. This will reward skillful players, and the game will be more engaging for everyone. You can’t have a game without winners and losers, and CCP needs to let the losers lose.

CCP had the right idea with blackout and scarcity. However, they lost their nerve. They should have stood up to the botters, and the game would be better now.

The wardec system in Highsec is another issue. Wardecs used to be common, with every little group fighting another group. I don’t know anyone who likes the current system, and it’s crazy that CCP is so out of touch with their own players.

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Well, I’m sure that there’s at least one group that likes it. It also just so happens to be the only group that exists, but you know what, let’s not get bogged down in such inconsequential minutiae.

I don’t get the impression that BLACKFLAG likes the wardec system.

Running around bashing structures is pretty boring.

The commissar wishes to report that mandatory structure-bashing operation attendance has never been higher!

I guess the issue is that the little rat needs to win a third of the time, on average. And the big rat needs the little rat to win a third of the time as well. Because if the little rat never wins, and ~ %33 seems to be the sweet spot according to the people that study these things, then the little rat just stop participating.

In a game like EvE which is kind of a King-of-the-hill, Last-man-standing game, the winners get bigger and the majority, the losers, become a uniform nothing.

It’s the difference between the board game Monopoly and the euro game Settlers of Catan. Euro games include mechanisms that make the climb tougher the higher you get and mechanisms that feed the less successful players back into the middle. The majority of the time the best and luckiest player wins but every now and again a loser takes the crown and this possibility incentivises people to want to play. There’s a dignity in the promise that while I might not be as competitive as my friends I could on my best luckiest day surprise everyone.

Monopoly on the other hand is a foregone conclusion, it’s a strategic bore. I get a good roll, I buy all the best properties before the next helpless chump could and from that point forward I just get further and further ahead until there’s no point in anybody else participating. At that stage every other player is just sticking around to watch me circle the board. I’m become the loser for not winning quicker and sparing everyone the nauseating tedium of my success. I’d rather watch golf.

The risk as I understand it is that there are going to be players that excel at disrupting other peoples play, and because that disruption accelerates their own upward trajectory and limits their competitors, the advantage that they eek out soon becomes a chasm and at some point all these other people are spending their time watching someone else circle the board.

Without hope, there’s no reason for any rational, reasonable, individual to participate regardless of their character or disposition. You might as well go spend time just setting fire to things in your house and warming your hands beside the flames.

I mean you could be a complete skill less moron and it’s my understanding that you’re not, it’s my understanding that you’re quite excellent at the thing that you do, but for all intent and purpose, the advantage in clone skills that player of your experience has accumulated means that the number of errors you can accumulate and still win a fight is more than someone who has just begun to play. Because progress in EvE is years long, a sensible person that is thwarted at every turn is going to judge that the system is rigged and simply do the rational thing and move on.

I don’t think EvE wants to be the kid standing in the corner holding a board game that no one else will play. Nor is there any satisfaction in blowing up complete morons ad infinitum, the eye soon starts to wander toward opportunities for true mastery.

The little rat has to win for two reasons, to maintain their own level of interest and to maintain the interest of the big rat. If the big rat can’t lose then there’s no challenge, no risk and no reason for themselves to participate.

I think the safer areas are a way for people to get shuffled from the bottom back into the middle. The reasons it’s so slow going and people spend so much time there is because EvE takes so long to play. This reply went long.

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This is nonsense. It is an exaggerated strawman argument, suggesting that increased PvP is equivalent to removing all hope for a reasonable person. The game had more players years ago, when there were far less restrictions. Nowdays, many (most?) players are AFK, not even in the same room as their computer. Making the game more difficult would not make it impossible - they just need to start paying attention.

This is also nonsense. I was doing well when I was a new player, and started ganking in the first month. Right from the start, I heard carebears whining that I was a goon greefer who just takes advantage of new players. It’s a crybaby excuse to whine and complain that someone else has more than you, and you have no chance. It’s just like in the real world, pull yourself together and take personal responsibility for where you are. You won’t get anywhere in life by whining and crying about how unfair it is. I am living proof that new players can succeed in EvE. I did it, and so can they.

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Or it’s evidence of the very outcome that system analysis predicts.

In the real world people of every calibre suffer terribly to all manner of random unfairness that destroys them. There’s wars and natural phenomena killing responsible, successful, hard working people everywhere. The idea that success comes to hardworking people and failure to lazy fools is incorrect. many undeserving people have relatively easy and many deserving people suffer immeasurable misfortune that they really don’t deserve.

I mean not to be rude but all your evidence is of your personal observations and experience. There are a lot of unexplained variables that might account for changes in player behaviour. EvE is an old game in a niche category competing with a different generation of users in a different market. It’s possible that EvE’s player base just grew out playing video games as they started families and took on more responsibility in their jobs.

Yes, my personal observation is, as a new player, I managed to lead a coup and take over a top 20 alliance, become ridiculously wealthy, and I’m a successful PvP pilot. Based on this experience, it’s clear that new players can succeed in this game. Attitude is everything. Stop making whiny excuses. Start trying a little harder.

@Aiko_Danuja Hey Aiko, thank you for your perspective on these questions!

I do wonder about a certain point, and I would love your opinion on that → You have explained in great detail that you dislike passive or safe ISK income. And so you mentioned a lot of negative incentives to move people away from that, like no rorqual panic button, no high security and so on.

Yet people still need some sort of income to afford ships to shoot at, right? So, would you add some kind of positive incentive for people to move away from PvE and start fighting other players? Do you have perhaps ideas how people can earn ISK in a more interactive way?

With brazen regards
-James Fuchs

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It’s clear that ‘A’ new player can succeed beyond expectations. You are an example of that possibility. You are also an outlier Aiko. You’re a brilliant person and it’s probably a mistake to generalise your particular individual experience across the majority of player experiences and then hold that up as the norm.

If this were serious research your outlying data point would probably be removed from the study before a a statistical analysis was performed. Or your data point would be consumed by the overwhelming number of mediocre example points and become irrelevant in that sea of average mediocrity.

You deserve all the praise and accolades you’ve earned. I’m not trying to take that away from you, perhaps I should be, I feel like that you would rise to that challenge.

People like yourself need something to fight, something to grind against. I don’t mind that you have a different take but I think you could improve your comprehension skills. You’ve made some assumptions that you can’t prove. You’ve accused me of being whiny when what I’ve done is present a case that you disagree with. In that respect you’ve lost. It’s really an opportunity for you to develop your debate game to the level of your EvE game, which I hear is quite impressive.


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